Spoken Word

I found my new love, Spoken Word Poetry. It is one of the literary forms I am very addictive of. I enjoy listening to Spoken Word Poetry as much as I enjoy listening to latest pop songs. I know the word “poetry” sounds intimidating as if it belongs to a subculture. Our notion is that poetry is for people who study literature, who read works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Oscar Wilde. If not, it is for people who pretend they can write or pretend they are well-read. But Spoken Word Poetry is different. It can  appeal to a large audience. It can be very entertaining.

Spoken Word Poetry is written to be performed on stage. It is written for both the ears and the eyes. I like this medium of self-expression because it combines storytelling, theater, and poetry. Unlike poems published, it is more palatable and conversational. Trust me, it is not a difficult art to appreciate. I am not a good listener and I have short attention span but I manage to listen an 18-minute performance while I am doing other tasks.

Here are some of  my favorite performances.  I am not going to explain and describe further  because I want you to watch and discover the beauty of Spoken Word Poetry.

OCD by Neil Hilborn

This video has been viral.  Watch this  and you will understand why the world fell in love with this poem. It is about a man who has obsessive compulsive disorder. And I am very much obsessed with this guy. My heart broke after I heard the last line.

Love Poem Medley by Rudy Francisco

I love this guy! He is very witty and funny. He has a lot of cheesy lines.

I heard that love is blind so, I write all my poems in braille

And my poems are never actually finished because true love is endless

Touchscreen by Marshal Soulful Jones

If you spend more than eight hours on the internet, always take photos of the food you eat, make friends in Yahoo chatroom and Skype, this is for you.

One Color by Neil Hilborn and Renee Schminkey 

If ever Reproductive Health Bill should be discussed again, this poetry should be heard.

But was never  taught that there are worse things that could happen than a baby or a disease.

Shrinking Women by Lily Myers

As you know, I have soft spot on issues about women. This girl described struggles of women in conforming to gender norms.

What is in a heart?

https://i2.wp.com/0.tqn.com/d/specialed/1/5/u/B/heart-template.jpgWhat is in a heart?
That poets use “heart” all the time
in metaphors, songs and rhymes.

What is a heart?

Yes, I know why it is love
For a curve is a line
that gives delight
how much more if two curves
meet at two points
that resemble pouting lips
waiting to be kissed

What is a heart?
What does it mean?
For when you give your heart again and again,
How many hearts do you have?

And when you ask your friend what to do
He will say: “ Follow your heart”
But when you read another book
It will say: “Use you head not your heart”

But if you study and understand
There is no battle between heart and mind
for when you giggle, lost in someone’s eyes
it’s the hypoth’lamus, not the heart

What is a heart?
What is in it?
It can look like an apple
Red and attractive
It can look like a mango
for whoever eats the fruit,
identifies it
So when I say “heart”
it is not what you know
for when I tell you, “Go
and follow you heart”
Do not believe me
because my heart is not
shaped like yours

If a heart speaks of feelings
synonyms of passion or fiction
Then it must be right to say
I follow my heart
For emotions give meaning
Life without meaning
is not a life worth living

Hence, I am not brainless
when I follow my heart
For I dance with the beat of life
when it’s strong,
it’s something
when it’s weak
it’s nothing

So what is a heart then?
A shape representing fondness?
Two lines with twice delight?

A beat, an impulse
It is not
For when I say, “ I love you with all my heart”
Trust me, my brain is working
It is not a play of words
or a trick of neurons
For when I speak of “heart”
I speak of unknown wisdom
For the heart has reasons
Too many reasons
like why I ask
why we love “heart?”
and not just any other part

Split Second

What do you remember?

If my name pops in your head
What do you remember?

Is it my silly laugh
When I told you ‘I’m fat’?

Is it my face that glitters
When you offer me sweets

Is it my voice
And at some point my noise?

Is it the way I cried
and the way I tried it to hide

Will you smile
when you remember?
Will you sigh
if you remember?

And if nothing comes out
nothing is remembered
Then what am I?
A split second memory.