Happy Listener

Sometimes, I lack inspiration to survive the day. And when everything is dry in my life, I listen to  ear-candy poetry. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

I am looking forward for a world that celebrates individuality

I see every failure and every tragedy as an opportunity to create beauty

I value the special people in my life.

I want to write more poems like Sarah Kay

I want more men who value and respect women

I want to tell stories of people whose lives may never be known to many


magicI experience magic a thousand times
when I  close my eyes and
let myself fall into a deep sleep
I find myself trapped in a music of sirens
when every chord hits me
pulls me to another land
brings me memories I have auctioned
to the stars
when the violin strings are veins
inside of me
I use my keyboard
like piano keys
I type letters like
rhythm flowing in my fingers
I have a disco ball inside my ear
and I turn it on when the possible sound outside
is the humming of the air-conditioner
when window blinds blocked not only sun rays
but air waves

I experience magic a thousand times
when I watch a film and let the screen capture me
when I embrace the man with open wounds
after a gunshot, after saving his wife, after saving the world
I laugh as I see a snowman longing for summer
a sister, a friend, a lost girl finding her way to New York
I am one of them
And when the movie ends
maybe with a castle or an open sky
I cry and sigh, “It could have been my life.”

I sing ”Got to believe in magic”
I believe there is magic in love
It is beautiful as it unfolds before you
You believe it is real.
It happened
but you know it was a trick

I experience magic a thousand times
not in carnivals, clowns,or Ferris wheel
When a music fades and the clock ticks for work
I know fairy tales expire too
When a movie ends and there is no Part Two
I know it happened within an hour of lenses
And I know there is a camera trick and a script
to make me believe it was my life
The trick of magic or the trick of the trick
is to believe on it
to never let go of the thought
to let butterflies live in your brain
to find yourself in fictional characters
to believe in a future you created
Magic does not deceive
You choose to believe

Happiness is fleeting
Happiness is make-believe


Edmond, when the water swallowed the earth, you were there
You swam when the water was chasing your death
The wind pulled trees like strands of thick hair
The cars were flying.. the trees were swaying
No lock could stop for a thief like this
whose hands were huge enough to push walls
to steal lives, to take everything, to toss trucks like small pieces
to slice trunks, to slice bodies, to open homes, to kill infants
You tried to hide your children and wife from a foe never known
They were safe. You thought so…
Then you heard cries from your neighbors drowning screaming for help
The storm might have taken your sight but it never let your ears fall deaf.
You went out and made yourself a prey to the sea
You gave them second life but the sea did not give up on you
You came back to the place you kept your family
You saw your children, saw them with so much love
they replied you innocence because there, you could not find–
your wife

She was nowhere
The wind could have hit her very hard with a roof, with fragments
of things we never thought would be known for their parts but by the piece
they built
The water could have pushed her down and she sank with mud and debris
or the water could have brought her back to the sea
“Where is she?”
“Where else can I find her?”
You asked these questions a thousand times.
Maybe she fled to another island
Maybe she lost her mind, lost her way back
You were searching on coastlines that were far from home.
You smelled stench of death like a woman’s aroma
Finding her in black body bags, unmasking bloated faces
But none resembled her. No corpse would ever look like her.
You saw your children, saw them with so much pain
that you did not return home with their mother
Tears would fall and hoped tears would travel from your face to the sea
and maybe water would reach her
You punished yourself for saving others
when your wife was the sacrifice for the lives of others.

edmondMaybe she is there
but not a woman whose eyes smile
when you tell her you love her
she may not have arms to wrap you.
Or she may not have a hand to hold a ladle
Maybe she is the first green leaf that grew after typhoon
Maybe she is the rainfall crying with you
Maybe she is the cold wind surrounding you at night
when all your thoughts dwell on her
Maybe she is the rainbow
that you try to seek its end but you cannot find.
Maybe she is not underneath a ship
but she lies beneath the skies
Maybe she is the firework
what ashes made her
Maybe she never left you.
You never left her.

Maybe she lives with you

You choose to let her live