Palm Sunday with Puppets

There are stories that are too old and too familiar but need to be retold, replayed, and restaged.  The life and death of Jesus Christ is the story that we all know but there will always a creative way to narrate it . I just watched Papet Pasyon, a puppet play  depicting the life and crucifixion of Christ. This was staged at Teacher’s Village in Quezon City by Teatrong Mulat ng Pilipinas, the first in children’s theater and puppetry in the Philippines. Amelia Lapeña-Bonifacio, Mulat founder, wrote the Papet Pasyon in 1985. Teatro Mulat has been performing  Papet Pasyon for free every Palm Sunday of the year. They hope to bring Christ’s story closer to children through puppetry.

sorry for the poor photo quality of my phone… but the puppets are 100x better than this photo


with , Dr. Amihan Bonifacio-Ramolete, Department Chair -UP Speech and Theatre Arts and Jesus Christ puppet
with , Dr. Amihan Bonifacio-Ramolete, Department Chair -UP Speech and Theatre Arts and Jesus Christ puppet
Puppeteer of Maria/ Mary
puppet 3
Puppeteer of Judas


64 Mapagkawanggawa St., Teachers Vill., 1101 Quezon City, Philippines
64 Mapagkawanggawa St., Teachers Village, 1101 Quezon City, Philippines

You can also find  a collection of puppets, dolls and toys Teatrong Mulat






Snapshot of Bona

Snapshot of Bona:

It is a show that can make you laugh as you watch actors deliver witty lines naturally. It has much entertainment value as you pick some insights.


Why watch

The play is about a fan obsessed with a wannabe actor.

Because at some point in our lives, we have been like Bona, a fan whose loyalty is sometimes irrational and disillusioned.

I always pee every time I watched Eugene Domingo’s show 😀

Feeling Close to Your Dream

Feeling close with Tony Award-winner Lea Salonga
Photo by John Reiner Antiquerra

I finally get to see Lea Salonga in the flesh. I watched her performance in  the God of Carnage. It was refreshing to see her just actIt was a fun light play. The story only had four characters.  It’s a straight play — no music, no choreography, no real plot, no spectacular stage design. And for a show to be entertaining enough, hats off to Adrian Pang, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, Lea Salonga and Art Acuña for their acting prowess.

Though I was not able to hear her sing, I was overjoyed to sit three rows away from her. As I sang a line in my head from Ms. Saigon, “We might breathe the same air tonight”

I just realized how old I am because I finally met my childhood dream. Her voice was the voice I wanted to hear and wanted to have when I was a kid. After making international success, a lot of young girls tried to copy Lea’s voice. Who would not? She showed  to Filipino audience that an appealing voice does not necessarily come from belting. A sweet and clear voice can win the world.

She was the first singer I learned to like. Through Disney animated films, I learned to like singers who sing to tell a story. And so “What a journey it has been.

I learned to like Broadway and everything else in theater because of her.

That’s what I like about theater. It’s intimate and ephemeral– like the night I saw Lea Salonga, as we breathed the same air 🙂

Special shout out to my friend, John Reiner Antiquerra whose love for Lea and theater is expensive and whose love for me is unimaginable. hehe  Thank you for always being there when I needed you most. haha!