balloon gaSometimes I cannot contain my happiness that I tend to laugh and smile everywhere. I smile in front of my computer screen. I smile all by myself when I’m walking in the street. Some people smile back at me because they think I’m smiling at them but in truth I’m just smiling at myself. I laugh inside the elevator. I laugh at people’s corny jokes but I am actually laughing at myself. I think I smile more when I’m alone than when I’m with the company of others.

There is always a way to be a positive thinker. This is a reminder to myself because I know I am going to have blue days with my self-centered problems and talk to the plants and animals, “Why does the universe conspire to make me miserable?”

But right now, I just need some tranquilizer. Let positive vibes reign in me.  Let me magnify weirdness. And have faith that God is bringing pieces of my life together.

Here are some of the laws, theories, principles in my search of irrational happiness.

WARNING:  If you are allergic to selfies and other narcissistic type of people, please do not continue reading.

Law of Gravity

Keep yourself grounded. It’s very tempting to envy people of your own age group, of your own clan, of your own environment who are better than you. But you gain knowledge and get inspiration from people who are younger, less experienced, more successful than you. It’s not wise to compare yourself with them. Don’t compete but learn to admire people who are better than you. Admiration is a proof of humility . Envy is a proof of insecurity.

“Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” – Proverbs 11: 2

Receiver Theory

receive—- receive——receive

I have one simple rule that I’m trying to apply in my life: Just receive and receive. When something is laid in front of you, you just receive it freely. You don’t question if you deserve it. You take it even if you think you are not prepared. You take it as it is. You don’t wonder if there is a better choice because the chances are you don’t. Instead of using the word, “accept,” use “receive.” These two words may sound synonymous but they can change how you think. “Accept” is often combined with negative thoughts. “ I accept failure.””I accept rejection.” “Receive” on the other hand, is more related on positive things. “I receive a gift.” “I receive a letter.” “I receive a blessing.”

Belo’s Law of of Attraction: The best attracts the best

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This is my version of sour grapes and sweet lemon. If it is not attracted to me, then it is not the best for me. It is a better way of saying  “If you do not make it then it’s not meant to be.”  We often think that we are lacking something when we don’t get the job we want, the person we like, the school we want.  It’s like this: If a guy/girl does not like you, don’t think you are not good enough. Instead, s/he is not good enough for you.  Why do we have  to find flaws in ourselves?  Similarly, if a rejection letter comes in your door, do not grieve too much as if all your hopes and dreams lie  on a single life event.  It’s not just the best event that could have happened in your life.

Reuse, Reduce , Recycle

I have a lot of baggage but I learn to let go and run away from all the negative vibes. So what do we do with negative thoughts and feelings? We reuse, reduce, and recycle.  Stage fright is negative but  you can get your energy on stage out of it.  Jog, box, exercise if these can take away bitterness. You burn calories when you burn negative thoughts. There are so many things you can get from a bad memory. You can convert it to life lesson.

“When I look back on my life, it’s not that I don’t want to see things exactly as they happened, it’s just that I prefer to remember them in an artistic way. And truthfully, the lie of it all is much more honest because I invented it. ” -Lady Gaga

Belo Principle for Beauty

If you think you’re pretty, thank God that you enjoy looking at your face. And if you think you are not pretty, cheer up. At least, you don’t attract people who are very superficial.

A real selfie should look like this

Top Complaints of Twenty-Something

When you are in your twenties, you feel like you are rushing towards the age of thirty. You think something must happen. You want to see changes. You are eager to see improvement in your life. With all these thoughts running in your head, comes your favorite hobby, complaining. I complain a lot. When I talk to my friends, I realize we are complaining over the same things. Here are some of common complaints I hear from my age group.

“Life is not fair.”
You look around your peers. You wonder why other people get things so easy. You tell yourself life is not fair because others have achieved more than you do. Others get what they want on first try while you on the other hand are stuck with your no-success life. But before you conclude life is not fair, think about how many injustices are happening in the world. There are many forced disappearances, lost families, and lost lives. As long as you are not a victim of crime or any natural calamity, you have no right to complain life is not fair.

“I have a boring life.”
Boredom is a good or bad sign of a healthy life. If you have a boring life, it might mean absence of major problems in your life or it might also mean you are not taking risk to reach greater heights. Think about it. My five-year old niece complains to her mom, “I’m so very bored.” My sister then replies, “You have to be bored. It’s normal to be bored.”

“I don’t have a high paying job.”
When I hear people complaining about salary wages, I like to be preachy. I want to tell them: “Think about the factory workers, the fishermen, the farmers. They sweat like hell yet they earn less than you do. While you on the other hand, spend eight hours chilling in an air-conditioned room and the only busy part of your body are your fingers. What you only have is a college diploma that makes you different form the rest. You have to know what “high paying” means.

“I don’t have my dream job.”
What is exactly your dream job? To be a movie star? A novelist? A film maker? CEO? An astronaut? If your dream job sounds like one of these, you need not to complain. Seriously, how many people in the world are employed with these kinds of jobs?

“I don’t have a love life.”
My friend tells me, “ I wish I have a boyfriend. I wish I have a love life.” Deep inside, I want to tell her, ”If you only knew the pain of loving, you would not have wished for it.” I keep this to myself because I do not want to sound pathetic in front of my friend. Logically speaking, are you ready to get married? Do you want to have kids? Okay, the chances may be slim of having a husband in your pursuit of having a boyfriend. But what if you fall in love with the man of your dreams, and then he suddenly asks you if you want to marry him? Will you say, “Yes”? If any of your answers is “No”, then be careful what you wish for.

“Nobody loves me.”
Love is not measured by the number of fans or friends in Facebook. You’ll meet a lot of people but most of them will only be acquaintances. Some will be your friends for special occasions. Some will be friends for business. But a small group of friends is definitely okay. In fact, if there is only one person in this world who loves you, you have enough reason to survive.

Okay I know I am complaining about these complaints. I just want to tell you that: If you have the same sentiments as those listed above, then you are not the most miserable human being in the world. You are not a product of unfortunate events. Therefore, you can conclude you are absolutely normal. This means anything you complain is not worth complaining.