Lessons from 2015

Allow yourself to be surprised

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Because you’ll never know…. it might be life-changing

If you want it, claim it

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In doing so… you are finding believers..

“When you find believers, you find accountability” – Adam Smiley Poswolsky

But be patient …

We learn that

Tamang panahon teaches us delayed gratification



Hence, don’t settle for anything less

source: http://www.positivelyfilipino.com/magazine/miss-universe-wins-the-internet


As fireworks filled the empty sky, my mother felt her tummy was exploding too. And surprise! A life form came out of my mother’s womb. Since then, fireworks remind me of my birthday. (Though I was actually born in Jan. 1, lunch time)

While the rest of the world is waiting for firework display, I am not excited for obvious reason- I’m getting old. To some, it is a moment when they think of how well they did the past year. To me, it is a recollection of my entire life. Okay, I am getting old , so is the world but my life keeps getting better. While my high school classmates said that they had more fun moments in grade school, my high school life was way better. While most people agree that high school life is the best, I have more cherished memories in college. People of my age said they miss college life but I like my life now. I am enjoying my independence, my quest for my unknown fate, my constant question on my purpose in life. Life has been good to me even if I complain a lot and even if I have a lot of reasons to be dissatisfied. Sometimes, I feel insufficient. I just look at my life ten years ago, what I was like. Whew! I came a long way to be where I am right now. When insecurities lurk in the corner of my mind, I seek advice to my inner goddess. She says, “Your measurement of success is not based on what you have achieved and what others have not. But it’s what you are now in comparison to what you were.

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Looking back, there are some things I don’t really deserve to have. I just pray to God  and negotiate with Destiny. This thought alone makes me grateful for whatever life has to offer. As I welcome another year, I have much optimism that life will be better.

Happy New Year everyone! May you ignite the light and let it shine and be a firework in the sky.

Three Questions to make 2012

As I make a draft of my bucket list, I look back at 2011. There are three important questions I got from 2011 that continue to get on my nerves.  These will be my guide as I make a long list on what I should do for the year.

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to wait. Agree? Every once in a while we ask ourselves, “Is it worth waiting?” Followed by a number of questions:” Should we move on or wait? When is the right time? Should we make a new set of goals or keep the ones we have on our bucket lists?”

Before my former office mate left, he gave me some brotherly advice. When he raised this question, it got stuck on my head.

When you think about it, waiting is easy. When you fall in line for NBI clearance, that’s fine. When you fall in line on airport check in counter, that’s fine. You do nothing but wait. It’s a mere test of patience. That’s what I call ‘passive waiting.’

But when you make life changing decisions, waiting is a question. It’s not about patience anymore. It’s about values. Will you wait for the right time, right opportunity, right people, right place just to try?

Well, wait if you can but be ‘actively waiting’.

Someone I know got accepted in Universal Studios as one of their talents. He said he was torn between leaving his country and his loved ones, and living in another country to be an actor. But the question that made him decide was which one will he regret more.

Regret is inevitable. You may regret if you do not try but you may also regret if you do try. Just go for it or else, forever resolve the what-ifs of life. I got this from Tom Basson’s blog, “The biggest mistake you can make is doing nothing because you’re too scared to make a mistake.”

This question comes from a very popular song. I keep singing this line with much conviction ( with tear drops lol). For reasons I cannot share, it is a question that reminds me, “So what do you do next?”