Inner Selfie and Imaginary Audience

fb userDo you have friends in Facebook who regularly post photos of themselves? Does it starve you staring at Instagram photos of your friends’ meals? Do you want to hide someone in your wall  because s/he occupies your news feed? Do you like to believe that you don’t care about the new car, new shoes of your friends  posted in Facebook? Do you wonder why this person has to broadcast every detail of his day including the place he checked-in with Google map attached? At times, these people can be very annoying. But wait, you can be one of the self-centered, self-absorbed, self-conscious people. As I believe, each of us has an inner selfie waiting to be unleashed.

Everybody is using social media for self-promotion. If you like to sell a product or service, make a Facebook page. If you have an idea, share it. If you have a show, promote. If you have a talk, invite. If you support a cause, inform. Sometimes, it’s funny when we talk about ourselves as third person. If you are a performer, you might tweet: “I am going to perform this Valentine’s Day, catch me in Music Museum.” If you are a motivational speaker, you might tweet: “I’ll be having a talk on How to Improve Your Life. See you in Cebu.” Even FB wall status encourages you to use third-person voice. Jackie Bello is listening to Mozart. Jackie Bello is feeling loved. We become our own publicists.

Whether you share news articles or state a political opinion, it is your inner selfie who wants to be relevant. Even if you use alias or pen name in your blog, you are still making yourself important.  You believe your thoughts, your life events, are worth publishing online. Whether you rant and write your depression in life, you are aiming at an audience whom you assume will understand you. And this imaginary audience that you subconsciously think of before you upload and update, includes your peers, high school classmates, new-found friends, acquaintances, the guy you met online, the ex of your ex, your future mother-in-law, the people you admire, the last person you just gave your business card, the people you envy, the  people you hate, and others. Imagine a big cyber crowd is waiting for an update of your life. This is what your inner selfie has been whispering to your head. In real life, we don’t like stalkers but when we are online, we like stalkers. We build a fantasy that we are celebrities. And I plead guilty.

Hence, I appeal to the general public: do not judge the selfies. Do not complain about  their prominent presence online. Do not complain about the number of photos they have, wearing the same outfit, same hairstyle, same lightning. Yes, they are in love with themselves but I prefer them over people who type negative comments in Youtube, who backbite online using blind items in their wall status, who share disappointment and anger over traffic, weather, and over anything else. We just need some positive people around. Besides, we have a fair share of narcissistic moments online. You and I are guilty.

I initially want to conclude this by saying: “Choose what you share online. Evaluate if it’s worth sharing. Sharing is good.” But in the internet world, sharing is not very different from bragging. What do you give when you share a selfie photo? Will it brighten someone’s day?  Or will you make a bad impression by showing how idle you are? What will people get when you share a photo of yourself?

Entertainment, I guess.

We live in our imagination.

Here are a few lines from Vanesa Hidary, in her piece, Forever Beautiful till I Saw You on Facebook.

You see there is  an amazing place in my brain called my imagination. And even though it might have me delusional and have me think that my recent love is home miserable by my absence. I’d like to live in that place… It’s so ridiculous I know to not know things when you actually can. But  like the busy signal sometimes I just like to be unavailable to be reached.

This will not end without a selfie photo.

sample selfie

What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.”

 William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

“It sounds like porn,” my friend said. I have to agree it is.

When I try to find Green Girl Mag, my blog title in the search engine, other than my blog that ranks number one in search engine results, I find other not-so-wholesome posts associated with keywords Green Girl. This lead me to the decision of changing my web address, which has somehow gained some traffic and visibility on the net.
It’s After a long time of contemplating whether or not to buy and have a self-titled domain, I finally pledge to a higher level of narcissism. I know it is self-serving but there’s no other name that will best describe my blog. This is not a niche blog. I don’t talk about fashion. I don’t write about books and art only. Because my blog lacks interconnected theme, I opt to name it after me. Why not? It’s all about me to begin with. I don’t want my blog to suffer identity crisis. I don’t want to remain anonymous like most bloggers do.  For the reason, if we value our hobbies such as blogging, we should take pride of what we do and of what we write.  I have been blogging since 2010. And I think the time I spent in blogging is enough reason for me to claim this as my own.

If you are considering of buying a domain name for your blog, you might be thinking….

A domain cannot last forever?

True, a domain name expires. You have to renew it annually. My brother says, “A domain is like a real estate. It’s a property” Like real estate, you invest on it and it appreciates in value over time.

I don’t want to buy domain because I’m not sure I can maintain the site.

If  you’ve been blogging regularly, there is no fear of wasted investment or unfulfilled responsibility.

Will buying a domain in wordpress make me rich?
For bloggers, we all know that we are not allowed to have Google ads or any form of online advertising. Buying a domain cannot generate income, unless you try a self-hosted blog which is totally another story.

For business card purposes? No big deal!
A domain such as looks better in business card than It may be  a small reason for you. But if you have other goals in blogging, there’s no harm of having one. I believe whether you say you’re only blogging for self-expression sake, it’s not all about ‘the self’. You want to reach out some people. On my part, I am thinking of this blog as a reference for people who might be interested in what I do or in what I write. By owning a domain, you find a formal way to introduce yourself.

If you are seriously blogging, go for it.

I take time to write a post in my blog. Even if  I write random things, I make sure my blog is not my diary, which  means my blog is not filled of trash and rants. I filter my thoughts before I type.  Even if my blog does not earn profit,  I seriously blog. If we take time and spend money on collecting shoes, DVDs, cars,  it’s the same with the hobby, blogging.  We spend for it because it gives us joy.

Good Examples of Popular Blogs

What makes a blog popular? I’m sure you who write and read blogs like to know.

I am looking for blogs that are good read.  I browsed some top blogs. And I wonder how come some of  the popular blogs or the ones that get traffic and followers do not have much content value.  Some blogs sound like PR machine.   Events and product endorsement clutter in their blogs. There’s  no problem with that. It’s just that some bloggers write like they’re writing a press release with an “I” rather than a simple sincere blog. Some blogs are popular because they are owned by popular people.  Some blogs  have lots of followers because they know SEO tricks and whereabouts of the internet. But when you try to examine the content, nothing is spectacular, just an ordinary diary. But there are also popular bloggers who really make interesting and useful posts.  These bloggers have their own niche and regularly updates their blogs. Here are some of them.

Fat Kid Inside

This food blog is owned by Erwan Heusaff, who is popularly known as Anne Curtis’ boyfriend.  I used to think that this guy is so lucky to have Anne Curtis as his girlfriend. But after reading his blog, I said, “Anne Curtis is a very lucky girl.” I followed his blog as soon as I decided to trim down some weight and moved to healthy living. His blog is one of the best food blogs I stumbled upon. Unlike other food bloggers who write about restaurant reviews, he encourages his readers to prepare their meals. He is really good example for healthy lifestyle. His blog has recipes of healthy food and how-to-do videos.


Anna Oposa is an environmentalist and a writer. I enjoy reading her blog because I like how she writes.  She has wit and sense of humor that even if she talks about serious environmental concerns, she does not sound boring. She generously share her life and her aspirations in her blog.  Her blog has so much life, passion, and positive vibes.

Camille  Tries to Blog

Fashion sense means sense of sight.  In terms of fashion blog, it should be pleasing  and easy on the eyes. After all, you are talking about appearance. This means that the layout, photography, text of your blog should give an overall pleasure to the reader.  And I am not surprised Camille Co’s blog is one of the most visited blogs. Her photos are really eye candy that it’s so hard to believe that she does not have a  professional photographer  with her. Her driver or her mother is most likely her photographer. I also like her style.  It’s so dainty, colorful, and glamorous.

Jenni Epperson 

I like reading this lifestyle blog because Jenni finds new and creative ways to make small family gatherings special. She writes down recipe of deserts and simple meals which are very useful for  career women. Her family is fashionable and cultured. And it’s really good to know that no matter how modernized her family can be, they have a great bond.



How about you?

Whose popular blog do you follow?