What is in a heart?

https://i2.wp.com/0.tqn.com/d/specialed/1/5/u/B/heart-template.jpgWhat is in a heart?
That poets use “heart” all the time
in metaphors, songs and rhymes.

What is a heart?

Yes, I know why it is love
For a curve is a line
that gives delight
how much more if two curves
meet at two points
that resemble pouting lips
waiting to be kissed

What is a heart?
What does it mean?
For when you give your heart again and again,
How many hearts do you have?

And when you ask your friend what to do
He will say: “ Follow your heart”
But when you read another book
It will say: “Use you head not your heart”

But if you study and understand
There is no battle between heart and mind
for when you giggle, lost in someone’s eyes
it’s the hypoth’lamus, not the heart

What is a heart?
What is in it?
It can look like an apple
Red and attractive
It can look like a mango
for whoever eats the fruit,
identifies it
So when I say “heart”
it is not what you know
for when I tell you, “Go
and follow you heart”
Do not believe me
because my heart is not
shaped like yours

If a heart speaks of feelings
synonyms of passion or fiction
Then it must be right to say
I follow my heart
For emotions give meaning
Life without meaning
is not a life worth living

Hence, I am not brainless
when I follow my heart
For I dance with the beat of life
when it’s strong,
it’s something
when it’s weak
it’s nothing

So what is a heart then?
A shape representing fondness?
Two lines with twice delight?

A beat, an impulse
It is not
For when I say, “ I love you with all my heart”
Trust me, my brain is working
It is not a play of words
or a trick of neurons
For when I speak of “heart”
I speak of unknown wisdom
For the heart has reasons
Too many reasons
like why I ask
why we love “heart?”
and not just any other part

Reply to a Friend who is in need of a kiss

Dear Friend,

You asked me if I knew how to kiss, as if I could give you a demo or a free taste.

Do lovers hold hands?

Do they embrace?

How often?

How long?

Questions of a girl who has never exchanged glances with a guy or has exchanged sweet nothings.

If you have fallen in love with so many men, then you haven’t loved at all. And the pain you get from unrequited love as what you claim is nothing more but fleeting passion that has not been received like a die-hard fan ignored by her celebrity crush. It is not even as painful as one gets from a letter with no response.

Girls often envy those who have relationship status. They think those girls who have been touched and been kissed are lucky. But in truth you are lucky.


Because your heart is still a one whole piece. Some who have been there don’t have scars in their hearts but holes. Scars are better than holes. For when a scar is born, it means it stops bleeding. But if it is still a hole, an open wound, it bleeds continuously.

You said you wished you had romantic moments to look back. Why wish for dying memories? It’s tragic to look back and exciting to look forward. And those who have been there are not really as excited as you will be.

You feel bad because no one said, “I love you.” It will always be magical to hear those words but it feels worse when someone said “I love you.” Then, “Goodbye.”

I hope one day you’ll find your Mr. Right who will laugh with you and will laugh at you. And of course with your wicked smile, you will laugh at him too. If you watch a chick flick together, he will watch your useless tears more than the movie itself.

Yes, love hurts. And I am not exaggerating that. We always say there are many fish in the sea and stars in the sky but we know we are lying. A dynamite can kill a school of fish and stars have life span too. See statistics.

I know no man is irreplaceable as what you and Beyonce said. But Katy Perry told me each of us is original, cannot be replaced.

You don’t believe in forever. Sure, you don’t. But when you experience something beautiful you will believe not only in forever, but in everything.

So, take the advice of John Carter: ”Find a cause. Fall in love. Write a book.” I am not bitter and selfish when I say, “Everyone deserves a broken heart.” Trust me, it’s for your own good.

If you come to me crying, I know those tears are not for a man but tears for true love, tears coming from a woman who has loved genuinely and selflessly. And that’s when you know love.