Jesus (Fill in the Blank) Women

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Is Jesus sexist? I have often read that religion is misogynistic and oppressive.

I read a blog addressing to Christian women: feminism is not your friend. I also read a blog of a pastor, entitled Ten Women Christian Men Should Not Marry. The list included: The older woman, The Divorcee, The Feminist, The Gossiper/ Slanderer, the Immodest Dresser.  If I have to make my own list of Ten Men Christian Women Should Not Marry, one would be The Judgmental Guy.

It disappoints me that this is how they see women basing it on their Christian faith. It also saddens me that through these views on women, people who do not belong to Christian faith fail to appreciate the good news. Why?

Because this is not how I know Jesus

More than quoting and memorizing Bible verses, I think what is worth examining is how Jesus lived his life on earth and how he treated women.

Jesus was radical on how He treated women in His time. He showed importance to women in the time that they weren’t much of value. Author Dorothy Sayers, a friend of C.S. Lewis, wrote:

Perhaps it is no wonder that the women were first at the Cradle and last at the Cross. They had never known a man like this Man—there had never been such another.

Jesus made women special and relevant. Jesus let women join his ministry and traveled with him as written in Luke 8:1-3. Also he first appeared to a woman after his resurrection.

Most important to note is that Jesus challenged laws and norms that were not in favor of women during his time. I have often heard this criticism that the conservative Christian beliefs encourage women to suffer in unhealthy marriages because of the Bible verses pertaining to marriage and divorce.  Matthew 19 states:

 Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.

But if you read the entire chapter, you will understand that Jesus’ idea of marriage and divorce is intended for the protection of women. Women were disposable and dependent during his time. Men can leave their wives for any reason.  Jesus deviated this norm when he said to the Pharisees that men could leave their wives only on the grounds of adultery. (Matthew 19:9).

I was reading a book  Discover your Inner Beauty Queen , Godly Secrets to True Beauty. While I appreciate the author’s attempt to inspire women, I am bothered by the some degrading descriptions of women. On her book:

“When I first met Issa, her looks mirrored immoral lifestyle. Her tight clothes exposed her voluptuous curves. Her skirts, barely made it past her buttocks. Her hair hung seductively across her face. She exudes a lustful, almost indecent aura.”

I’d like to give the writer a benefit of the doubt for loosely using “seductive”, “lustful”, “indecent aura”, and “immoral” but I’d also like to reflect on what would Jesus do.  What would Jesus say? How would Jesus react if he met this woman?

In the life of Jesus, he had met a lot of women who were not well liked but he welcomed them with forgiveness, compassion and without prejudice. Remember the woman who was caught in adultery and everybody wanted to cast stone on her but Jesus only said to the woman “ ‘Neither do I condemn you. Go your way, and from now on do not sin again.’”


Jesus accepted women who were considered outcasts in the community. Another example of a woman who initially received prejudice was the woman who anointed Jesus’s feet with perfume (Luke 7). Jesus was pleased by the gesture of this woman and told her that her had faith saved her.

He talked to a Samaritan woman. It was not appropriate for a Jew to talk to Samaritan woman (John 4:4-30, 39-42). His help extended to foreigners and that was not conventional during that time. Jesus also helped a Canaanite woman, another foreigner, in Matthew 15:22-28 by healing her daughter who was demon-possessed.

The greatest proof that Jesus has always been egalitarian, is written on Galatians 3:28

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. – Galatians 3:28


As what President Jimmy Carter said you have an “ option to interpret holy teachings either to exalt or subjugate women.” We can cherry pick Bible verses to oppress women but I’d like to note that treating women with dignity and value is also Bible-sound.

A Message to All Women

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To my hypothetical daughter

tala with wingsTo my hypothetical daughter,

I have loved you even before you were born.

I want you to know that you are perfectly made, and whatever you will gain in life  will just be an add-on to who you are and what you have. Whether you will have an eyeliner, a jewel, a sash or a medal,  they do not set the price of who you are.

While it is my duty to protect you, it is also my responsibility to introduce you to the real world. I will let you chase butterflies even if they leave you with cuts and bruises. If you need to get dirty to feel the earth, you will always have my permission. Don’t worry if you trip or fall. Mama had always been clumsy and she survived.

I will not force you to read books but every night I will read stories to you. Maybe I might read some fairy tales to you but I don’t want you to dream of a knight and shining armor. I want you to be a queen in your own kingdom. I want you to lead the universe without a crown and scepter. And if you want romance, you can always avail it. You can find romance in sappy movies, in strings and verses, in sunset and sunrise. You don’t need to kiss a frog to find it.

I want you to know that the popular girl in campus is not your competitor. She is your sister. And the girl begging for a piece of bread is also your sister. I want you to know that sisterhood is beyond blood ties, spaces, and races. Understand that every girl struggles with life the way you do. Never see someone’s achievement as a threat to you. Sisters rejoice in each other’s victories and lift those who are falling. If you are starting to feel worthless, convert envy into batteries of inspiration. People value you not based on who you defeat and which place you conquer but how you treat others. Kill your enemies with kindness.

I don’t want you to be obsessed with magazine covers. I will probably buy you some to let you know that the front cover is a product of art and creativity. Do not think of your body parts as mere objects but as  extension of your innate abilities. I don’t want you to dream of becoming a cover girl because your mama cannot assure you that you will win the genetic lottery. Instead, dream of legs that can take you to faraway lands, dream of eyes that can see the future, dream of breasts that can feed, dream of lips that can convey power, and dream of a body that can work for God’s glory.

One day, you will spot blood stain in your skirt. As you will earn pimples, you will be more familiar with the sound of catcalls. Mama will not stop you from meeting boys, the way your grandma hasn’t. But I’ll tell you there are much more interesting things in this world than boys such as travel, culture, trekking, spirits, fashion, martial arts, and a lot more.

As you grow old, some things will be more expensive such as confidence, love, and pride but do not be deceived by what  the TV tells you. Do not save your money for these things. You cannot buy confidence with toothpaste. You cannot buy love with a box of chocolates.

If you make mistakes, do not think of yourself less. No one can break you. You are a rubber band. You will bounce back, no matter how hard life will stretch you. Mama will always remind you that “Everything will be fine. And it’s okay not to be okay.”

I want you to work hard, not for me, but for yourself and for what you believe in.

If one day, you decide to get married, my first question would be, “Are you serious?”

I will not ask for a grandchild. If you are happy in what you do, you fulfill your mama’s dream.

If you want to be a teacher, a pastry chef, an engineer, a farmer, a soldier, a cosplayer, a mother or whatever fictional character you can think of, I will help you become one.

I will give you wings when you want to fly. I will give you a microphone whenever you think your voice is too small.

Your life begins with me but it does not have to end with me. I want to share you with the world so that they can see how wonderful God made you.

Remember, you are a happiness machine.

You will be what you want to be.

And even before you realize what you can be, you are already enough.

“ Dahil ang totoong nagmamahal ay mapagpalaya”

Love and light,

Your hypothetical mother

Dealing with Tinker Bell Syndrome

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Lea Michele

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Lea Salonga

Kim in Ms. Saigon

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Kristen Chenoweth

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Charice Pempengo

International Sensation


 Jacklyn Belo

Aspiring Somebody (hehe!)

What do we have in common?

We are not tall girls.

 Of course, I’m the shortest.

In the modeling  and beauty pageant industry, 5’6″ is already short. For Caucasian girls, 5’3″ is already short. In the Philippines, 5’3″ is just the average height for girls. But whatever ruler you are going to use, I am short.  

When I was in elementary, I used to be one of the tallest girls. I was one of the last person in line during flag ceremony. Probably when I was in Grade V, I stopped growing.   And the girls who used to be first in line were moving their way to the end of the line.  Time ran too  fast that my height was not able to catch up. I knew I was not growing anymore by the number of times I was placed on the front row.

Gee, I’m not even five feet tall! Like other short girls, I battle life with Tinker Bell Syndrome. The Tinker Bell Syndrome describes a woman, despite her petite height, who is able to overcome this disadvantage and still succeed in life  ( Chictopia, 2011)

As written in Daily Mail (2010), psychologist David Lewis, director of research at Mindlab International, said that height has just as profound an effect on a woman’s character (Gordon, 2010).

This explains the success of Lady Gaga and Judy Dench who are only 5’1″ tall.  Short women find the need to prove themselves in a world where height is might.

It’s quite annoying when people keep saying, “You’re short.”  At the back of my head, Why say something that is obvious? Am I blind not to see that your chest is in front of me? Can I not feel the stretch of my neck  when I talk to you?

Eventually, my ears have adjusted. They are all part of  my daily noise (hehe). It’s part of growing up to accept that I am not growing tall at all. If  you haven’t reached your desired height yet or if you haven’t accepted our shared recessive gene,  here are some things about your height that you can be proud of.

You will always look young.

I don’t know if this is an advantage but when you reach 40, you’ll be happy with your slow growth or must I say eternal youth.

It is easy for you to hide.

When you meet someone you don’t like in the mall, it is easy to make yourself  invisible in the crowd. If by theory of evolution applied, it’s one reason why this recessive gene height was passed through many generations. It is a means of survival, a protection against enemy.

You can always find an escort.

I cannot imagine myself being as tall as Georgina Wilson, Solenn Heussaff and other top models. If  I am a six-footer woman  living in the Philippines, it will be so difficult to find someone who will visually match me in a party.   I have to visit  a basketball court or a runway in a fashion show  to find ‘the one.’

You are always on the front row.

If you are part of choir performance and theater plays, you are always in  front  regardless of your talent and your role in the presentation. You are a star!

You are environment-friendly

You are low maintenance. Your height tells other people that you do not consume  a lot of thread, cloth, pins. The length of your body also shows you do not scrub as much as tall girls do.  Hence, you save soap and water. You stockings are shorter than those who have long legs.  You are harmless  to the booming human population when it comes to supplies of commodities. When you ride a jeepney, you can squeeze in and share some space for another passenger.

Your are cute.

The word  “cute” has a vague definition. When you’re chubby, you’re cute. When you’re small, you’re cute. When you’re charming, you’re cute.  Someone told me cute means ugly but interesting. But in my life, it’s a polite way of  saying: “You are short, dear.”

It is easy to shop a new outfit. 

It does not mean you’re short, you’re slim. But when you’re short, you have short shoulder length. And this determines the size of your outfit. In Philippine setting, it is easy to pick a shirt that will fit a short girl. If you can’t  find clothes in the adult section, you can go to teens wear.

You can carry yourself.

Yes, you can carry yourself  literally and figuratively speaking.

It was not really a light; it made this light by flashing about so quickly, but when it came to rest for a second you saw it was a fairy, no longer than your hand, but still glowing.  It was a girl called Tinker Bell, exquisitely gowned in a skeleton leaf…

J M Barrie, Peter Pan

If this does not comfort you, look at my favorite stars.

For your reference

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