JackieB Quotes

Belo’s Politeness Theory (2010) : When people say  “I’ll try”, it is a polite way of saying “No,  I won’t”

Belo’s Theory of Relativity (2010): Love is relative. One cannot say ” I love you more”  or  “I love you less.”  Therefore , if  X says  I love you to Y and Y replies “I love you too” to X, it does not mean they share the same feeling

“One of the reasons why I like theatre:  In the real world, when you talk to yourself, people call you ‘crazy’. But it theatre, they call it a ‘monologue. ” (Belo, 2010)

“The heart has its own muscle memory” (Belo, 2010)

“Paminsan naisip ko kung lahat ba ng nakikita ko, nararanasan, natitikman, nahahwakan ay totoo o pawang kathang isip lamang” (Belo, 2010)

“Acting versus Lying: To lie is to pretend. To act is also to pretend. To lie is to be dishonest but to act is to be truthful. Therefore, good liars are not necessarily good actors. And good actors are not necessarily good liars. ”   (Belo 2010)

“Pride is expensive.” (Belo,2011)

“Success is a product of many failures. (Belo, 2012)

“Life is not a series of random events. Life is like theatre. It’s an organized chaos.”

“Rejection is better than regret”

“Human beings have more than nine lives. We die a thousand times without us knowing it. We die in someone’s memory. Some might have killed us in their thoughts. And whether we believe in heaven or not, we know that our existence is temporal. It only takes another human being to realize that. Only God can see us as souls. But on earth, we are nothing but mental construction.” (Bel0, 2013)

“Most of the time, verbs are more accurate than nouns. “I sing” is different from “I’m a singer.” “I type” is different from “I’m a typist.” “I love him” is different from “I’m his lover.” “I nurse him” is different from “I’m a nurse.” “I write” is different from “I’m a writer.” It’s just a simple choice of words yet it makes a difference on how we make impressions (Belo, 2013)

“Thank you Lord for not giving me everything I want “

“Motto for go-getters: If I can’t have it now, I’ll have it tomorrow”

” Sometimes people with good looks are overrated while people with good character are underrated.”

“Blind love is like looking at a star in the sky. You can see it from a distance. But it has been dead for a long time. And what you see is a projection of the past. We think it twinkles but in truth it has lost its spark”



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