I have been blogging since 2010. I originally started blogging  as a cathartic exercise. I  wrote my life reflections  as I slowly transitioned to adulthood, particularly how I survived quarter life crisis. So if you are in the stage in your life where you are uncertain over many things, feel free to scroll with my old  blog posts 🙂 Some are pretty embarrassing. Looking back, I think I just had an obsession of overthinking  about my life 🙂

Fast forward, I  am now older,  and have gained some wisdom nuggets. I still want to write my life reflections  as  a thirty-something but with the context  of my new role as a  mother. I also work for the advocacy of women’s rights.  Hopefully I can write about some social issues that I feel so strongly.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and drop a comment to my posts 🙂

35 thoughts on “About

  1. “She strolls around the city where she believes she is in MTV or in a musical movie.” May pagdungaw pa nga akong nalalaman sa bus minsan e. HAHAHAHAHAHA


      1. Sorri I didn’t say this sooner (been busy with school ugh) thank you for following me also, won’t be a while till I write though. 🙂


  2. Hey Jackie! *waving* thanks for checking out my blog. You sound delightful and full of spirit, in no way would I look at that as a mental disorder. LMAO I hug you lovely lady. Go hunt down that food. 🙂 Hugs Paula xxx


  3. oh yeah… I forgot… Your Welcome! I will often visit your blog, I could use a little or I need to have a habit of reading for a change. Yeap! I will definitely visit your blog.


  4. That’s okay! You don’t have to describe too much of yourself. It’s cool, mysterious and interesting. That’s one thing I learned when I had a short seminar with Berlitz, “You can’t put too much icing on the cake”.


  5. Thanks jokjok for taking your time to read my blog :)) i hope you will continue to visit my blog :))

    about this page, i really plan to rewrite this page and make a lengthy description about myself :))



  6. As I was reading the story, I didn’t notice that it was already 12:00MN! Nice! And about the puzzle thing’y, I’m not good with those, I can only decrypt, so I’ll just stick with the word “friendly”, it’s a short route and a safe zone(LOL)… Your Blog is fantastic!


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