To blog or not to blog

I’ve been wanting to resurrect my dying blog but my passion to document my daily life learnings is slowly fading.  I created this blog in 2010 . Back those days, I just wanted to write for pleasure.   Probably a lot of people of my age  have attempted to create and maintain a blog. As soon as I graduated college, I had some existential crisis which pushed me to overthink all aspects of my life. This pushed to write more on my life reflections. I just needed an outlet.


Later on, I was preoccupied with the changes in my career and personal life which left me no time to write lengthy blog posts. Another factor, I felt I was already moving forward from the stage of quarter life crisis. Hence, I no longer had the itchy feeling to release all my thought processes into writing.


I’ve been staring blankly at my laptop screen for a couple of hours. I just can’t get myself into writing a  blog post. The urge is not there. Though I have a few things I like to write, the adrenaline rush is not there.  I can share my  penny of thoughts in  social media, anyway. Also, some of the blogs I used to follow are no longer active.


Then I ponder, “Do people still read blogs?”  It seems everyone is into videos and photos. People nowadays have shorter attention span.  I like watching vlogs and swiping photos on Instagram. But I still feel writing in the form of blogging is still the best way to share substantial content.


Anyway, if you happen to be an ex-reader, ex-follower of my blog, let me know your thoughts. Do you still read blogs? Is  blogging entirely outdated?

6 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog

  1. Of course, I stil want to read your blogs, your insights and new experiences especially now that you have your own family…


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