Dear Overthinker

dscf0815Dear Overthinker,

I know you are tired. You are busy. You worry too much. Overthinking has become your hobby. When you are quiet or just having a break, you just cannot not think. You wonder, “How do I stop myself from thinking?” The only positive thing you get from overthinking is that you are able to validate that you are smart. Smart people make simple things complicated. Then, you will overthink about this and you will conclude you are not.

Your mind is like a forest. Your thoughts grow like wild trees with too many intertwining roots. They form too many branches that break, fall, and rejuvenate. Your seeds of thoughts are scattered everywhere. You are always panicking and you are always noisy in your head.  You worry today and I’m sure tomorrow you will worry again. Once you solve your problems today. You will have a new set of problems tomorrow. It never ends.

Reduce your fear of deadlines. Finish what is urgent, what is more important. Do not think too much on those deadlines that are set ten months later or ten years later. I know you have heard you only have 11 productive years.  But what does it mean to be productive? Is it by how much work you have done? Is it by the number of goals hit and miss? Or by the quality of life you have?

Renew your passion of the things you once love. As you grow old, you realize passion is just a feeling. But if it is a feeling that excites you and boosts your energy, you just have to keep it going. It’s the kind of feeling that lets you live in bubbles, walk in clouds that all you see are rainbows and cotton candies. It’s a feeling of grandeur in the most mundane moments.

When you work, think of it as a passion project or a personal hobby. Through this mindset, it lightens your workload and brightens your day. Have this in mind so that you will never think of the hours you spend or the energy you give. All kinds of job can be exhausting.  Find a purpose and accept the little sacrifices you make to get it.

But remember to unwind. Entertain yourself with whatever you have. Watch a Youtube video that can make you laugh. Go to a movie house. Read a book that feeds your soul Have cold drinks to calm you. Eat well. These little things can keep you sane.

You glorify busyness and you commend those who can multitask. But you, my friend, know your weakness.  You will think too much over a single task and you will think much more over many tasks. Take one step at a time. Make your own system of doing things.  This is how you fight the impulse of your brain to think big. Don’t let anxiety rule over you.

List down everything you will do.  This is a little trick you can do to organize your thoughts and to prevent your brain from wandering.

Take note that life is not a race. It just has many phases.  And you have to  deal with each life phase with your own pace. Be patient yourself. You just can’t force a flower to bloom if it is not  yet its season.

Focus on what you have control. Always remind yourself that you have no control on what people will think of you.

Hope for beautiful things in the future. You, as an overthinker, are fond of predicting the future. You think of 100 possible scenarios of a single action. You always have a Plan B. That’s a good girl scout trait. But don’t waste too much of your brain cells on trying to resolve imagined fears. You just  have to be flexible with whatever life  throws at you.  As you constantly ask yourself,   “What if I  fail?”  This should be your default answer, “So what?”

Know you limits. Listen to your body. Sleep when your body asks for it, even if your mind tells you not to. Don’t say “yes” to every opportunity. Rank your priorities accordingly.

Never forget the people who love you. Send a message. Make your presence felt even if they are  miles away. Overthinking will take them away from your thoughts.

Even if things don’t work out as planned, even if you miscalculate risks, life will always compensate you with new wisdom and renewed strength.

And even if you will not be the best or have the best, you are still living a life worth living.

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