Life Hacks: How to avoid being “Burara”

“Burara” is a Filipino word used to describe a person who is careless with his or her things.

I had a lot of moments looking for my eyeglasses, an official receipt and a deposit slip. When I was younger I’d asked my older brother to look for my lost things at home and he would ask me to pay him.

Prevention is better than cure and it applies on how you get things done. Just be organized, as what they say.


The struggle to be organized is real if you are burara like me. Slowly, I have tried to be organized. I have managed to combat my burara tendencies with a few tricks.

These tricks are very useful for those who are forgetful and constantly absent-minded.

Take a photo of important files, notes, announcement and others

The purpose why cameras are built on mobile phones is not only for selfies, foodporn,
Instagram, and Facebook. Use a camera phone to document not only life’s important events, but  other things you need to remember such as your enrollment form, your tax certificate, contact details of VIP, your course syllabus, announcements, advisory, schedule, and other documents that you will find useful in the future. Think of your phone as an instant notebook and planner when you don’t have a pen and paper. Papers are disposable but your phone is the one thing you will never leave behind. I also take a photo when  I’m trying to be familiar with a new place. I take a photo of landmarks as I travel.

Always have soft copies of your documents

You should  have a soft copies of your files such as your live birth, passport, ID,  ticket, research paper, letters. Scan or take a photo. If you have poor organizational skills, keeping back-up files will prevent you from painstakingly finding and arranging files. The best thing about soft copies is that you can always use the search button of your PC. Instead of manually looking for a file, let the mouse do it for you.

To be more secure, send soft copies to your own email  address. Remember someone might snatch your mobile phone and your laptop might crash down.

Use stickers as markers for your black objects

Stickers are not only cute things but they are small organizers. It’s hard to find gadgets inside a large black bag.


Use rubber band for your earphones, charger and other cable wires


Bring some paper clips in your wallet

A paper clip is a time-saver. When you are submitting documents for school, employment, and business, it helps to have a paper clip so that your paper requirements do not get messed up.

And when you need to separate your paper bills, receipts in your wallet, paperclips can be very useful.

Lesson learned: No matter how small you are, you can make a difference. Just like a paper clip. Small, simple but make great things possible. harhar

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