Dear Cebu

Dear Cebu,

When I think of you, I think of seaweeds, and receding beach line,

I think of boho and YOLO

but you are such a city that never takes a nap.
You don’t have an insomia yet but please have a lunch break and rest when you can
The streets are never bare
that I cannot sing β€œOn My Own” or think about about my lover across the sea
For it takes a lot of time and presence of mind just to cross the streets.

I thought I was beautiful in Cebu
because everyday there was always a man offering me a motor ride.
But then I found out it was not a free ride at all

Even the driver’s most dashing smile comes with a price
That’s when the moment I learn I shouldn’t depend on any man for a car or a ride
Sometimes it’s better to walk alone
than to pay 40 pesos just to be home.

Cebu, you are like my first love and last love.
too familiar and ignored that I buried in my 2-gigabite memory
Like last love, everybody tells me they want to grow old with you
they build a house for retirement, they build a home, they make love, they make choices

You are mixed. You are flavored. you are the home of my taste buds
I like how you take my hands and let them explore the flavors of the sea.
I thought I wanted to be a mermaid because I had no fear of depths
But when I met you I wouldn’t want to be mermaid ever
I will trade my fins and be human again
because I am always a pescetarian, who cannot swim for her life

You are not too quiet. You are not too noisy
You are funny. You are friendly
You care. You smile.
You excite me
But just like any other city, you become predictable, commercial

You may mean business
but t it will be my pleasure to meet you in odd circumstance
in serendipity, in suit and tie, in slippers and loose jeans

and unlike other cities of the world, you welcome transients to stay forever


The woman who fell in love with a Cebuano

8 thoughts on “Dear Cebu

  1. “Ang Dagat Jud”

    That’s what I really love about Cebu, it’s the sea breeze that makes you feel human (Not that you’re a machine or something). The blue the waters and the white sand beaches, although it doesn’t come free but it’s worth it.

    But you can’t beat the heat, it gets to you everywhere.

    “Pero nindot jud diha du, sa wala’y pagpapabor-pabor dili abi kay taga-diha ko sauna – wa ju’y makalupig sa Cebu. Siguro kung mubakasyon ka, lingaw, kung magAdventure ka – siguradu-a lang gyud nga naa kay Life Insurance (at least naa kay bilinan hehehe”

    I’ve seen a spot in that island somehow and if given an opportunity again of a Glorious Comeback (PAK GANERN), I’m gonna go back to that place. That place is an ideal spot to make a hippie go wild.

    God Bless! Hope that place is worth your while. πŸ™‚

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      1. Murag, depende ra pud. Actually naa ko plano mubakasyon sa Cebu, pero plano pa lang na – nya bakasyon pa jud hehehe πŸ™‚ … kung available pa ‘tong spot, then maybe, just maybe. πŸ˜€
        Naa ju’y timplada ning Cebu nga lahi ra jud pud sa ubang Lugar. I love Davao, if you’re looking for a peace of mind and a place that you wouldn’t afraid of Thugs then “Welcome to Davao” – nag Promote lang, tourism ang show πŸ˜€
        Pero lahi ra jud ang Cebu. I do miss the place and the people.


  2. It’s kind’a like a dream crossing multiple islands just to get there because you once live there, although it wasn’t the same then as it was. But as I was there in that city, I can always remember how I walked from Gon-ob, Lapu-Lapu to Mabolo. It was an adventure, knowing Cebu’s reputation (of having thugs just around the dark corners) but doing it as early as 2 or 3 am was a thrill of a lifetime. The North and South was also an adventure, when they say that Boracay is the only beautiful vacation spot in the Philippines – well I’m thankful that it is still how they see it because that place is taking its grip to the grim. Cebu has a lot to offer and I think it’s still doing it.
    I wish you all the best in staying there and whatever fortunes that life proposes to you in the future. πŸ™‚


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