To all the wonderful mothers in the world

To all the wonderful mothers in the world,

Full-time or part-time,

your role is always permanent.

With career or at home,

you always have a job.

Today, the world reminds us to give thanks to our mothers but the truth is the world is in debt of gratitude for your service to humanity.

In this world where we exchange goods and services with cash and credit, a mother’s work is often undervalued. In fact, most often, a mother’s work is not considered real work. If it does not generate income, it cannot be called work. When we ask full-time moms, what are their jobs, most mothers would respond they are not working.

But what is work? Work is not a self-entitlement or a  status symbol. This is what we do that consumes our time, energy and resources. This is what we do in the service of others. Mothers are overworked and exploited at times. They work beyond office hours. They are always on call. And they have no fixed job description. They have mastered the craft of multi-tasking. Whether they have a job outside home or not, they are always overworked.


To those who say they are just mere housewives, wake up. Your work as mothers are not of less value just because you are not paid for what you do. Think of this if no one does domestic work at home and if no one takes care of the children and husbands. Husbands cannot perform their work well. Children cannot perform well in school. If all mothers revolt not to do the care work, what will happen to our society?

If you have enough income, you may hire a house helper or a nanny. But that does not discount the society’s poor perception on women’s reproductive work. The fact that domestic work are paid less shows how our society does not recognize the contribution of women’s reproductive work. When a woman cooks, she does it for free as it is expected of her but when a man cooks, he is called a chef.

To all mothers, if you sell makeup, networking products, bananaque, and peanut butter, think of yourselves as real workers who are earning well. Our culture often assigns women as secondary earners but take pride of every coin you take home.

You, mothers are the first people who taught the world charity. You exemplify labor of love. You teach us to care. You teach us what it is like to volunteer. It is selfless and generous. It’s no wonder why mothers are always involved in community work, church and social work.

Take time to pamper yourself. You deserve more than thank-you cards and flowers. You deserve a lifetime recognition of the efforts you’ve made for your children, your family. You deserve a vacation leave from your lifetime job, motherhood.

You are important not only to your home but to the society as well.

6 thoughts on “To all the wonderful mothers in the world

  1. We should try to thank our mothers more than once a year. How about once a week or maybe once a day? Or maybe 70 times 7…


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