My Grown-Up Christmas List

i think as you grow

This is my grown-up wish list that has evolved through quiet nights, and coffee shops. From tangible to intangible, from good earphones and gadgets, to  diffuse and vague ideas, my list reflects my inability to settle on what I already have. I do feel a little guilty about it but that’s why we invented Santa Claus and Fairy Godmother. I would like this to sound more of a grown-up wish list by writing down the changes I would like to see in the world but that would make another blog post. Hence, this is for personal use only with the underlying messages, with the hope  that this might appeal to someone like-minded 🙂


I want enlightenment which means I want to stop making questions but find answers. I tend to ask a series of questions in my head. Did I work hard enough? Try hard enough in life?


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Fulfillment is the Holy Grail of my life right now. Fulfillment is relative as what my friend always reminds me.



I want efficiency in my life. I think I have wasted time and money on some things. I want to handle my resources reasonably

Best Memories

I’d like to create more meaningful memories next year. As what I always say I’d rather invest on experience,rather on fleeting fad and crazes. Maybe it’s going to be a fun trip, a grand event, or an intimate moment, whatever it is. I want my life too be a lit bit more eventful.


It is something that I don’t want to overlook. You can have everything in the world and lost everything in an instant if you don’t have good health. I always pray for good health for myself and for my loved ones. I want to be healthy for the people I love and for me to do many things


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This is my grown-up Christmas wish list. How about yours?

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