Long Captions

They say when you write a message make it “short but sweet” but sometimes  the longer  the better,  the sweeter.

Writing long captions can be relieving

If  I have to use one word to describe my 2015, it’s “cheesy”

Here are my cheesy, hugot-filled, and longest captions in instagram 😀

On this caption, I just want to justify why I have to post a photo of tulips when all I have to say, “Thank you very much for the flowers. I really really like them”  😀

Complaining and “hugoting” are quite similar feelings. It is not very unlikely  to compare MRT with love life.

I wrote this with my heart singing…. char! 😀

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When I browse through the narratives of my life: blog entries, old diaries, random posts online, I realize I enjoy writing about pain , dramatic moments or simply called “kaechosan” or “kaartehan”.. But I can't write happiness in full details. My theory is that pain demands to be released while happiness demands to be locked, to be sealed and if you can store it for a long time, you will. But if you can vomit pain through words, you will…. For how can you write happy thoughts? Every time I put into words, I get stuck on that memory that I cannot continue
Moments like when you cannot speak as you catch your breath after a long hike
and all you can think of is the vast landscape in front of you or when you are caught by surprise and the only sounds coming from you are “woooooh” wow”
they do not even constitute a meaning Moments that could have been elaborated with fancy quotes
but hormones, heartbeats block your vocabulary
and of all the words you can pick in the dictionary
You just say, “happy and beautiful”
to describe your feelings The things that we cannot express are the ones that are most profound. In summary, thank you! You are the kind of happiness that I have never written before… You are the kind of happiness that I cannot articulate #chos #travel #travelph

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