Please reply

DSCF0112I never used the phrase, “Please reply”

It sounds too bossy, demanding, improper, impolite

Please reply once you get this message
Please reply as soon as possible

For every request, for every note, for every missed call
there’s a sense of urgency
that even if the chances are slim
you want a reply
even if a reply means closure
even if a reply means death
even if a reply means “no more”

When you slip a message in the bottle and send it to the sea
you still want a reply

When you write to a rock star
and say ” I’m your greatest fan”
There’s this parenthesis of please reply

Of course we look forward for a reply of victory
reply from the stars
sweet replies
like when the shore finally meets the coastline

Sometimes when I end my prayer
I have that tiny voice inside saying, “Lord please reply”

I wish no one invented the word “reply”
It drives expectation to waste
and you never seem to understand why your phone gives you an option to reply
when the messages you sent never received replies

When you check your mail box and no new mails
spam mails are so thoughtful
but they are never replies

I am obsessed with replies more than I am obsessed with ambitions
reply is so synonymous with waiting
It is the stamina of hope
and measurement of faith

When you say “You don’t have to reply”
you mean I prefer a reply

When you say “I love you”
there’s always a parenthesis of please reply

Even if you are not asking or inviting
you want a reply
reply is efficient
reply is sufficient

Replies are better than silent smiles, qualifiers, intensifiers
Replies save time, kill wishful thinking

Sometimes replies fall like rain
You never know when rain will pour

4 thoughts on “Please reply

  1. … you had taken that much of a thought, and maybe yet someone did experience that one wherein he waits and you missed it.


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