Five Years Old

An artist asked me, “Are you guys really into theater?”

I replied, “Slight.”

“But you enjoy theater?”

“I just enjoy being a kid!”

“That’s great!”

remember the kids quote
Yes, what were we thinking???

Sometimes, it’s just so good to be a five-year old kid. There’s something about kids and their world that  reminds us life can be easier. I do like taking photos of kids more than taking photos of adults. For one reason, they are cute and fun.


I have so much drama in my life lately that I want to divert my mind to happy thoughts which we can get from the kid’s world.

Let’s be kids again.

1. Be colorful.

I don’t know why people  have to wear neutral colors in the corporate world.Why is it such a norm? I always prefer to wear bright and lively colors.  As fashionistas would say, what you wear speaks who you are. Surround yourself with bright colors. They bring positive energy.


2. Discover

Kids are always curious. I don’t  know why we adults are less curious now. Do we think our world is too familiar and uninteresting? Maybe we should be less assuming that we know everything and that we’ve seen all that there is in this world. There is always something new to learn.

3.  Watch Disney films

Sometimes, light and wholesome movies make you feel better.

kids are

4. Have a sweet tooth

Sweets are instant happiness

5. Be amazed over small things

While I was taking puppetry lesson, I notice how small actions of puppets can bring so much life.


6. Laugh at small things

Adults have an odd sense of humor.  Not all adults I guess. And some require sophisticated sense of humor, like the ones in sitcoms.  But why can’t we just laugh for no big reason. I have an office mate who loves to laugh. Everytime I meet her, we just laugh.

7.  Sing  children song


Last on my list:

8.  Have a kid’s party -I want to hehe

9.  Try kids rides

My twenty-something friend and I tried this animal ride in the mall.

animal ride


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