Not that innocent

With my physique and face, I look innocent. But wait, I’m not that innocent! I have some experiences that will show you I can be Lisbeth Salander. Frail outside but dangerous inside

Story 1: I’m a spy.

During college, I was conducting my thesis in a police precinct. There was a complainant who appeared friendly. If my memory serves me right, she was a teacher in a prestigious university. Then I told her that I was there because I was doing my thesis. She got paranoid that I had a video cam but I said no worries, I was not going to capture a video of her. Then she started questioning my research and she began sharing her weird experiences. She said that Chinese men were after her and she did not know why. According to her, they used Filipinos to spy on her. When I told her I had a Chinese blood, she refused to believe me. She looked doubtful as if I were making up a story to appear that I was innocent. She believed every bad thing happened to her was part of a conspiracy. She almost got hit by a vehicle. She felt someone was watching over her. Her male relatives hurt her physically. All these were part of a conspiracy. She was afraid that I was trying to spy her with my video cam and send it to some Chinese men. At the back of my head, I found her story hilarious and at the same time creepy. I left her alone in the room so that she could have some peace of mind.

Story 2: Illegal possession of firearms and ammunition

I have a habit of bringing pepper spray with me. When I was about to enter the pre-departure area of Hong Kong Airport, the security officer carefully examined my key chains and my pepper spray which I had kept for two years. I was expecting that they were just going to confiscate and throw it away but my heart beat tripled as the officer said, “We will call the police.” He led me to a desk. I was panicking. I was all alone in Hong Kong. “Will I be able to catch my flight?” I asked. The officer replied, “Don’t worry. Take it easy.” He called the police. He assured me it would only take a couple of minutes for the police to arrive. The police would interview me. He inspected the pepper spray. He explained to me that in Hong Kong, they did not take tear gas lightly. You could not buy tear gas anywhere in Hong Kong. The police officer arrived and he had a camera with him. What was the camera for? I was thinking they would probably take a mug shot of me. Then he asked me where did I buy my pepper spray and how much did it cost.  He examined the pepper spray. He took a photograph of the pepper spray. He measured it. And I was already thinking of a strategy on what should I do if I got stranded in the airport. I had no credit card. Much worse, who would bail me out if they were going to put me on jail? They let me signed a letter from the police stating that I acknowledged that possessing a tear gas is an offence in Hong Kong. “Be careful next time,” they said. Even if I was very stupid for bringing a pepper spray with me,  they were very kind to me. They asked one of the staff to assist me. I rushed my way out.

Note: Pepper spray for self-defense in the Philippines is legal and is available in stores.

Well, who would have thought this innocent face could be penalized of any crime?

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