God reads your bucket list

Source: http://manifestationyoga.com/2011/12/03/bucket-list/

I always encourage people to have a bucket list. It serves as a guide on the things they should and should not invest. If owning car is not included in your bucket list, then why save to buy one? If you have no dream of becoming a manager in the corporate world, why work more than what is required? If learning how to paint is included in your bucket list, why not put some time and money for an art workshop? If you want to have your business, then take time to read and research. You see,  a bucket list can simplify life. At the same time, it pushes you to achieve what you want. Perhaps, when something is written, it becomes permanent. And when it’s permanent, you always remember your small goals. For the purpose of discussing the importance of bucket list, let me share you some I have accomplished in my bucket list and forgive me for bragging.

Let me share you some included in my bucket list:

To lose weight

I was a chubby girl when I was in high school. I was really fat not ‘feeling fat.’ Every school year, I wrote in my diary, “need to lose weight.” Like most girls, I just wanted to improve my appearance. I started losing weight without diet and exercise when I was in college. But I realized weight cannot make you beautiful or in my own words ‘sellable.’ I lost a few pounds but there was no increase or decrease of people who like and dislike me.

To get published

I wrote this in my bucket list when I was in college and brought it to life when I already had my first job. It did happen but I had to be robbed. I had to have a traumatic experience to come up something worth publishing.

To graduate with honors

When we were all kids, we probably wanted to graduate with honors.  I wasn’t an A plus student. There were only two periods in my life that I graduated with honors, my first school year  and my last school year. I did ask God for it but I did not include in my prayer that I wanted to graduate on time. I almost did not graduate college because of my thesis. But thank God for the miracle.

To perform in theater

When I talk to myself, I also talk to God. It’s like talking two people at the same time. I said, “God, I want to perform in theater even if I don’t have a talent fee, even if I’m just part of a chorus.”  Then, God gave exactly what I requested. I joined the cast of a non profit theater as an ensemble member. It was a wonderful experience but it was not a eureka moment for me as what I expected.

These are some of the few things  that could not have happened if I did not have a bucket list. Of course, I have a lot in my list that have failed. I did not pass the entrance exam for Masters Degree in Creative Writing. I don’t have my dream job. My goal last year was to read 40 books but I only read 19.  And the list goes on.

A bucket list is helpful. It gives some sense of fulfillment. As I look back some of the things I wrote, I thought  achieving one by one, I could be happy and die with contentment. But there’s so much unwritten truth sealed in every wish. As what they say, “Be careful what you wish for.” A wish fulfilled gratifies you but it does not necessarily complete you, as what I wrote: Dreams change as you grow old. Your fantasies when you were younger no longer apply. Reality bites and you need to make a detour. But sometimes reality is more beautiful than a dream or perhaps the reality I created in my head is far more beautiful. I never wrote in my bucket list that I wanted an easy life. Sometimes the things I wished for are the things that brought me stress, tears, and frustration. If there’s one thing I learn from keeping a bucket list, it makes me  realize that I still have control over my life.  Happiness is not confined in a  list but freedom means everything.  And freedom is  a gift from God.   God let us have what we want even if we don’t deserve it and even if we don’t need it. He just wants to satisfy us and tell us, “You thought you know what’s best for you. But wait, I have better plans for you.”

5 thoughts on “God reads your bucket list

      1. I already have. Sa kabilang blog. Medyo scattered kasi kaya gumawa ako ng bago just for my bucketlist. For everyday things na ginagawa ko para ma attain ko. hihi. 😉


  1. kunti lang yan hehe.. actually masmaraming hindi natupad… meron din iba natupad kaya lang hindi worth sharing hehe…but it still works .. possible naman at least five out of twenty… oks na rin yun! 🙂


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