Girls are like Magazines and Novels

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There is no debate which is better, a novel or a magazine. Both have different target readers. The two are read for different purposes in different times. A novel is read during a quiet time in bedroom. A magazine is read during heavy traffic or while waiting one’s turn in the doctor’s clinic. A magazine is meant to entertain and to update readers. A novel is also meant to entertain but not to update readers. Magazines are for people on the rush while novels are for people who take time.

This leads me to compare girls with novels and magazines. A man who chooses a girl he will date is like a man who chooses what to buy in a bookstore. The one he chooses depends on what his needs and interests are. The man who likes to buy a novel is like a man who wants to spend a long time with his girl. The man who picks a magazine wants something that is easy and requires little time for reading like a girl who does not demand much time. If he has short attention span, he will prefer to buy a magazine. If he is a conscientious reader and pays attentions to small details, he will buy a novel.

Girls are like novels and magazines. Some are easy on the eyes and easy to love while some cannot catch a man’s attention in a swift glance. He will learn to like her with additional details. And if a novel takes a lot of time, hence he will never forget. But a magazine with its thin pages, he can neglect.

Between the two, a novel is expensive while a magazine depreciates in value over time. When a man reads a novel all over again, he will always discover something new. But when a man reads a magazine again, there is obviously nothing new. There are a lot of things that can be said about a novel and he can make a book review. But a magazine, what else can he say? Maybe he can give a brief description but not as rich as he would describe how an author writes a novel.

Magazines are available everywhere. He can find them in bus stop, airport, parlor, and grocery store. But a novel is not accessible all the time. Like novels, some girls are hard to reach while magazines are always within his reach. But if a man wants to brag his taste and intellect, he will display novels in his living room.

A novel is personal and intimate. A man who enjoys reading a novel, is eager to touch a new page. He smells it, sleeps with it, protects it. When a man is done reading a magazine, he leaves the magazine to others and say, “You can have it.”

A novel is something he can pass to the next generation but a magazine serves its own generation for when the trends are gone, it is lost. Some girls are like novels worth keeping for a lifetime while some are fleeting, lovely in their own time.

11 thoughts on “Girls are like Magazines and Novels

  1. Hahah…parang may similar post ako…Naalala ko rin yung convo natin nung bday ng cuz ko. sabi ko nun, I’m a hardbound classic. Parang Great Gatsby lang ni F. Scott Fritzgerald. Inspiration ng maraming writers. Chos! Pero ngayon, feeling ko dyaryo ako. Araw-araw, bago, pilit na nagbabago. Wala akong glossy cover, you can’t also keep me forever. Hindi rin naman tabloid na may titillating photo. Dyaryo lang na niluma ng FB, Twitter at news websites. Ang nagpapasaya lang sa akin ay ang kunti na hindi kumpleto ang umaga pag di ako nasisilayan. Bangag!


    1. diyaryo talaga ha? sabagay ang diyaryo yun yung unang binabasa..priority talaga siya sa reading list of the day… pwede naman tabloid? lagi kang bulgar hehe


  2. I’d like to be an article in the magazine first with glossy pictures, then turn that article into a novel. Like a magazine, I can evolve, be exciting , be different as time goes by, and not be like some novels that gather dust in the shelf.

    Cheers !


  3. well said… luv it… perhaps i’ll consider myself an almanac or encyclopedia…hahaha… will take their time to read and analyze…


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