Signs of Aging

I think I’m the perfect epitome of forever 21. I am also qualified for forever 16, forever 14, and forever 12.   I’ll never grow old whether I like it or not. That’s what I believe in  but lately things change. I now feel old.  I can lie about  my age if  I talk about inches, lines, and wrinkles. But there are some clear signs of aging that I cannot deny.

When you see your peers change their relationship status to married and baby photos in their wall photos

Most of the time, I am surprised when I see my batch mates in school, my friends and acquaintances over here and there share wedding photos. “But that’s impossible! He was just about my age.”  Really? Does that mean I can get married too? Reality bites. It’s just so hard for me to reconcile that I can be mother and a wife, like some of my peers do.

When your dreams are SMARTer

As you and I grow old, our dreams become smaller and smarter so that they can fit into our world. Only a small population of those who have dreamed to be lawyers and doctors in high school will stick to their childhood dreams. When you plan your life ahead, you make practical goal setting.  As what my RGEP teacher said goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound)

When you easily get tired and bored

I suddenly feel my body is slowly aging. It’s not  as energetic as it used to be. I used to cram a lot when I was still studying.  I could endure long nights yet stay alive the following day. Today, I cannot  keep my body alert and awake all the time. I have no power to fight sleep anymore. I sleep everywhere.

When cute boys are not interesting

Maybe this is just me. If  Iwere a bit younger, I would probably like Daniel Padilla. But I’m just too old to appreciate the likes of Daniel Padilla, Justine Bieber or even guys with baby-face like Richard Gutierrez.  I prefer men over boys because boys need a lot of catching up to do. In short I opt to watch a movie of Richard Gere over Zach Efron’s. lol *kidding

When you wear thick face and thick skin

Confidence comes in age.  Now, in my twenties, I take risks without thinking.  Lesson learned in life: the more you think, the more you don’t do it.  Think less and you will achieve more .  As the years go by, I develop thick skin. With the number of years on earth comes the number of failures and rejection. You will eventually acquire immunity.

When you forget your age

I don’t speak lies but  apparently I have some memory gap which is another sign of aging. I sometimes fill out forms with my wrong age.

When you are already concerned about money and security

Teens will not normally talk about savings, investment, and business. And if you happen to hear these words a dozen times, congratulations, you are now an adult.

When the teen star you used to watch is now an adult

When I watched Anne Hathaway played Fantine in Les Miserables, I could not get over the thought she was the girl in Princess Diaries. She was the nerdy and clumsy Princess Mia and now she’s playing a prostitute.  If the teen star is now a full grown adult, then I’m probably an adult too? Gee, how old am I?

When you witness your nieces growing up

It’s easier to notice children growing up than grown-ups growing old. Kids serve as my calendar. They remind me how old I am.

When you’re with someone super young, you’ll feel super old too

8 thoughts on “Signs of Aging

  1. Lakas maka relate nito. 🙂

    Agree ako sa I prefer men than cute boys. There’s something about cutesy-ness that cannot fill whatever it is we “grown-up” women are looking for.


  2. OMG , you just hit the nail ! ! Not one of my HS friends has married, but most of them have had undergone a lot of ups and downs that make them experienced and wise, while yours truly still dash from one class to another, and still waiting for that knight in shining armor, like my dream in HS. Come to think of it, I’ ve passed the cute guys stage.


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