Cheap Ways to Travel (No Promo Fare)

I like to travel but I don’t like to spend a lot of money. Because life is unpredictable as always, I’d rather lay up for a rainy day. I have a long wish list and I seriously aim to try everything. With the goal of having to do a lot of things, traveling is my least priority. I choose learning a new software, joining a workshop over a trip outside the Philippines unless if it’s free. Sad to say, money sets boundaries. I frown at the thought of traveling. I look for cheap alternatives. As what I always believe, dreams and rewards don’t necessarily come in the exact package, the way they appear in our minds. What matters is you know how it feels to have them. Here are some cheap ways to travel:

Watch a movie

Movies transport us to places we’ve never been. Sometimes, watching a movie is even more beautiful than the real experience -okay, that sounds weird. Boring days and boring trips are inevitable. On the other hand, movies are meant to entertain or to provoke a thought. They let you escape from boredom. Movies, stories with plots have climax. A three-day trip in Bangkok cannot assure a climactic moment.

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Read a book

Emily Dickinson wrote: “There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away.” If you are a conscientious reader immersed in a well-written piece. You can almost feel you are one of the characters in the book.

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Meet New Faces

Have you ever talked to someone and find your conversation surreal? Sometimes, the best way to paint a vivid picture of another land is to know its people. You can travel back time by talking to comfort women. You can see London by talking to your British boss. The way a person talks reflects another place and time. It’s perceiving another world through the eyes of another human being. And the more people you meet, the more places you will go.

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You don’t need cash to travel,  just imagination.

16 thoughts on “Cheap Ways to Travel (No Promo Fare)

  1. There’s also staycation… you can try that too. You can look for cheap hotels with amenities so you can use it. Di ko alam kung san meron, pero ang Kabayan Hotel offers like “Php 400” / night stay. di ko pa nga lang alam ang amenities nila..

    There’s always imagination, but nothing beats of course, the real thing. Kung adventurous ka, pwede kang magtravel with the thought of looking for accommodation, on the spot. Maraming cheap hotels online.. take advantage of that too! 🙂 enjoy your trips 🙂


      1. hahaah! di naman kelangan mayaman para magawa yan eh. pera talaga kadalasan ang dahilan kaya di tayo makapagtravel. Pero me mura namang airfares, like what cebu pacific offers.. yung Piso travel nila, when actually… you pay about 3,000+ for the airfare…

        why? kung international travel.. you have to pay
        php 1 – for airfare
        php 400 – for tax ng airline
        php 1,620 for travel tax.

        kung tutuusin, mura pa rin yun compare to others.

        kung me friend ka, why not ask them kung pwede kang magstay sa kanila. bayad ka rin syempre sa mga utilities na nagamit mo. mas mura pa rin yun kesa hotel, homey pa.


  2. Jack, tuloy natin yung plano mong mag-out of town para naman hindi tayo puro imagination…haha

    At pag yumaman tayo, dalawin naman natin si Ella girl sa HK. Haha. Pangarap ko kasing makita si Mickey Mouse at Cinderella.

    Tapos punta tayo sa Japan kasi pangarap ko talagang sumakay ng tren sa Shinjuku station…hahah 😉


    1. Wow, HK talaga… sa ngayon, ang pangarap ko ay makarating ng Batanes. Ang ganda ng Batanes parang New Zealand. try mo i-google. Para siyang small town sa isang fairy tale 🙂


  3. “Meet New Faces”

    Just because I’m a not-so-frequent tester of chartered waters, I will comment on this post. You know what, I’ve met and talked to a number of Germans, Thais, Malaysians, Indonesians, and Singaporeans in just a trip. Physical traveling is also good and its nice to know even a bit of information about random foreigners in a foreign land 🙂


    1. yes,john… there is no best substitute for real travel…pero para sa amin na mahihirap lang, nakokontento na kami kahit foreigner lang ang makita namin hahaha…. but i want to travel too kahit singapore lang marating ko 🙂


  4. “A three-day trip in Bangkok cannot assure a climactic moment.”

    Grabe ka. Itinaon mo pa itong post mo habang nasa Bangkok ako. If you are traveling alone and you only have a small idea about the place plus a language you do not speak, you will experience a lot of climactic moments for sure.


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