I wrote a lot of love letters

I wrote a lot of love letters
Some with coffee stain
Some were insane
Some handwritten
Some heart-written

I wrote a lot of love letters
Borrowed lines from poets
Condensed into a novel
Closed them with “Hugs and kisses”
Sealed them with lipstick

I wrote a lot of love letters
I pricked my finger
Signed them with blood
Perhaps pain might seduce
As vampire’s thirst for blood

I wrote a lot of love letters,
Sprinkled with perfume
Folded with my lightest touch
Caressed all pages
From a lover with no match

I wrote a lot of love letters
I stabbed one by one with pen
I burnt them with tears
I threw them in air
But found them again

I wrote a lot of love letters
But none came out
None had address
None had sense


10 thoughts on “I wrote a lot of love letters

  1. theworshipwarriorbride August 14, 2012 — 11:19

    Oh, the joy of writing love letters and the excitement of receiving replies are priceless! 😉


    1. me too… i really enjoy writing letters even if i don’t really send them hehe *true story


      1. theworshipwarriorbride August 15, 2012 — 11:19

        tama! hahaha, may separate notebook ako na compilation ng love letters for my future beloved. No name, no face yet I just know He exist by faith 🙂


      2. No name, no face but by faith he exists! hehe It sounds like you’re writing letters to God.. pero ako i also write letter to God na sana biyayain yung aking love life haha


  2. galing!


  3. Love this poem! I really like the consistent first line in each Stanza! Really ties the whole poem together. Great job.


    1. thank you 😀 .. Im trying to figure out if poetry is for me 🙂


  4. wala, practice lang…. na-inspire kasi ako sayo, marami ka na kasing nagawang tula lalo na tungkol sa pagibig hehe


  5. Wow!bakit drama mode ka?heheh. Inperness…may lalim. Wag mong sabihing bleeding heart na naman ang drama mo..hehehe


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