Inner Beauty is a Myth

On the radio….

DJ 1: “Do you believe in inner beauty”

DJ2: “Inner beauty is  for ugly people who want to feel good about themselves.”

I don’t believe in inner beauty too. I don’t believe that beauty is measured by character, attitude and whatsoever. When you are beautiful, you are beautiful. When you are not, you are not. No justifications can be made. As what they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

There is something wrong on the belief of inner beauty. They say real beauty is skin deep. We always take it as a compliment when someone says, “You have a beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful hair. ” O f course, we are flattered when someone tells us that we are beautiful inside and out. But how about when someone says, “You are beautiful inside?” In the deep layers of your thoughts, you are thinking, I am ugly outside or I am ugly enough for someone to commend my ehem …inner beauty? If truth be told, you’d rather have someone tell you, you are beautiful outside than inside. That’s the time inner beauty is more of an insult than a compliment.

It’s like having a conversation with a friend about a girl whom she has not met. She asks you, “Is she beautiful?” Then you reply, “She is mabait (kind)” If inner beauty is for real, then why don’t immediately say, “She is beautiful.”?

When you describe someone “beautiful”, you are referring to someone’s eyes, skin, nose and lips. You are not referring about a person who does community work, goes to church and feed  street children. That’s how the sentence “You are beautiful” functions though it is not equivalent to “You are a beautiful person.”

They say it does not matter how you look. What matters is your are kind, good to other people. This is the inner beauty theory. But this idea does not sell well to me. I don’t like that kind of mentality, “ok lang na hindi ako maganda pero mabait naman ako.”

I believe real beauty is not about being charitable because beauty is not synonymous to kindness. Real beauty is acknowledging that your eyes, your nose, lips, ears, are perfectly made and they fit well to who you are. It is rejecting the idea that you are trapped or cursed in the wrong face and body. Each of us has his/her own beauty. It’s either you accept that or you don’t. It’s not about having it and not having it.

Beauty is not also equivalent to conformity. Women who appeared in magazines are described beautiful. Sometimes, a person thinks if she looks like this model, she is beautiful too. What people fail to take consideration is that the magazine cover is not only eye candy because of its model. A stunning appearance of a model is a product of the efforts made by art director, photographer, make-up artist, and stylist. It is a piece of art.

There are TV shows like America’s Next Top Model that tells stories about women trying to be thin, having their hair short to appear taller. This sometimes creates an illusion that these women work hard for beauty. But it’s not for beauty. It’s for conformity.

Beauty is about everything you see in the mirror. It is how you see yourself. In your lifetime, someone will describe you with pretty, average, ugly, indescribable, cannot-be-categorized looks. One’s perception is always a variable. But what you believe in yourself can be permanent. If you believe you are beautiful, it will radiate in your skin, body, and soul.

9 thoughts on “Inner Beauty is a Myth

  1. this reminds of a post i saw on 9gag. the little boy was looking on a mirror and he said “when i see myself in the mirror, i see a unicorn – a badass unicorn.” 😀


  2. I love this post! The idea of inner beauty always rubbed me the wrong way and I never really could put my finger on why. But it is very true the word beauty is my definition superficial. A person can be a good person but not be beautiful. Beauty is measured by your outward appearance. However anyone can be beautiful. If you believe you are beautiful others will too. Its a matter of confidence mixed with a little time taking care of yourself. I am glad someone else figured this out because it always bugged me 🙂


    1. Oh thank you, highly appreciated your comment. I’m glad we share the same sentiments on beauty. Yes, you’re right. “If you believe you are beautiful others will too.” It’s like selling your own product. How can you sell your product if you don’t really believe that your product is great? 🙂


  3. haha….i absolutely agree. i am not promoting self-delusion. Ang akin lang if someone does not think you’re pretty, move on and find your target market..ika nga, kanya-kanyang taste lang yan..


  4. Haha. Produkto ba to ng usapan natin kanina. Let me tell you this: You can look at yourself in the mirror all day and say “I am beautiful” 1000 times but it is always sweeter to hear the words, “You are beautiful” from someone special even if you know it’s a lie. 😉


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