Why Dances with Wolves

There are a lot of reasons why you and I should include Dances with Wolves in our must-see movie list. My primary reason is Kevin Costner. And my personal reason is he is handsome, even today and even tomorrow. I have to remind myself that he is older than the eldest in my family. And his daughter is older than me. But his eyes make you melt. That’s what I call “actor’s eyes”.

Second and the primary reason for everybody else is that the movie won Oscars Best Picture in 1991. Not only that, they won Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing. Best Sound, Best Original Score. I guess this fact alone is enough to build your curiosity.

Third, the lead actor is the director himself. Kevin Costner was nominated as Best Actor. It was the first movie he directed which gave him the award Best Director 

Fourth reason, it’s a product of first time. Aside from having a first-time director, it was based on the first novel of Michael Blake. Most of the cast members had never had acting experience in film before they starred in Dances with Wolves.(That’s inspiring for people who don’t want to try because of lack of experience)

Fifth reason, the length of the movie does not follow the convention of a typical movie. The movie takes three hours. Kevin Costner presented the story to a couple of producers but none of them agreed to make the film. He then ended up making his own film. Thus having said the length of the film, it has the tendency to be boring. It depends on your level of film viewing maturity. Length also means details.

Sixth reason, the film is very American but it gained more profit in Europe than in US. (You realize that sometimes the people near you are not necessarily your direct target market). This story is based on the early of times of America when white men were conquering the lands of Indians. 

Lastly, it’s about friendship. It is unthinkable to have a shared understanding of two cultures. For the language barrier, they rely on one woman to be their translator. It’s about cultural assimilation, to leave prejudice behind and build new relationship.

You’ll find other deeper reasons to watch the movie. And I’m leaving it all to Wikipedia or Rotten Tomatoes for your plot summary. For the artistry and the production aspects of the film, I’m leaving it all to more trusted film critics as I cannot give justice.

6 thoughts on “Why Dances with Wolves

  1. This is such a good movie. Several movies in recent history have tried to borrow (fundementally) the story-line from Dances With Wolves… (ex. The Last Samuri, albeit different cast of characters and the cultural world is different…Though, much of the essence is the same (I feel). This movie speaks to the meaning of what it means to be human. This could be argued as the second point for putting this movie on the must watch list…. As you mentioned, Kevin Costner alone is reason #1… really shouldn’t need a reason beyond that 🙂


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