Book Wishlist

There are some books you want to read, just read. There are some books you want to own, just own. There are some books you want to have but not willing to buy. Here are some examples of books I want to read but I am not willing to shell out some money even if I can afford. For one reason,  they are pricey and I think it’s a gamble to try reading these books. I’ll just have to wait for the time that they are no longer labeled as new release. Second, I’m not sure if they are very engaging. Nonetheless, if someone wants to give me a book as a super advance  Christmas gift, I would be so happy to have one of these. These books not only spark my curiosity but they are also good for display 🙂

My Booky Wook

By Russell Brand

This stand-up comedian and host wrote excerpts of his life, dealing with all kinds of addiction. He has a gone through a lot of controversies but he is now a changed man (Ahm, the man Katy Perry fell in love with)

After watching videos of Russell Brand in his past interviews, I have learned to like him. He may not be the ideal guy you would want to introduce to your parents but he is someone you would like to listen. He’s witty, smart (yah, I know that sounds redundant) and surprisingly profound. Though at times, I don’t really get his British humor, he’s still entertaining. He did get positive reviews from readers of My Booky Wook. And for that, I trust Russell Brand’s work. Today, people are looking forward for his next book. Like everyone else, I wonder if he is going to write  about his divorce with Firework.


By Tyra Banks

I found out about this book while I was unintentionally watching America’s Next Top Model. The photo shoots done in the episode were inspired by Tyra Banks’ novel Modelland. She created a fantasy world of models. I was like… “Tyra Banks can write? And it’s a fantasy book?” The more I wanted to read the  book… Unfortunately, the book did not receive favorable reviews. They say the characters were flat.  She was trying to make a potter-like world but failed. Well, why not give Tyra a try?

Classic Book with a Trendy cover

I was looking around the book store then I saw a new young adult book. After admiring the fancy cover of the book, I realized it was Inferno. Okay, so the publishing house developed a marketing strategy or must I say a makeover for classic books. A typical classic book has a renaissance painting on the cover but the recent published classic books I saw were different. They were fashionable. The new cover can attract teens or young adults like me who read Infeno, just to pass a Literature subject. You can say that I want a new classic book because of its cover. Like what I implicitly said, own a book that is worth displaying. But please don’t give me an Inferno copy.

6 thoughts on “Book Wishlist

  1. wow pare-pareho tayo nila lester ng theme ng post! book loving lahat 😀 first time to come across these titles. you are right about the inferno bit. i saw a copy of jane eyre and one austen book with a killer cover, really spot on.


  2. that’s a good suggestion… but i doubt the nearest library in my place have these books and if they do I doubt they’ll let me bring home these books and I doubt I can finishing reading a book in a library 🙂


  3. I definitely wouldn’t put any money in the Modelland book — I saw the ANTM series too and thought it looked stranged. I do love the makeovers for the classics though! I hope it inspires some young people to read more!


    1. yah, that’s what I heard…. i heard a lot of don’t-read-this-book reviews…..yah, i really like the makeover of classic books. I really want to have one but they are quite expensive compared to those ordinary classic books.


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