Blog like we’re Dying

Someone asked me, “Why do you blog?” I honestly think that’s a stupid question. What I wanted to say, “Did you ever have a diary when you were young? Do you always update your status in Facebook, Tweeter and other social networks? Do you talk 24/7 and share everything to the world? Do you watch movies? Do you read? Do you play sports? Do you like singing, dancing? Do you play guitar? Piano? Do you have hobbies? “

This series of questions can be sum up into one question that will answer them all: “Why not?”

But to answer this question, let me begin by saying blogging synonymous to writing is the freest medium of expression

 “Writing allows me to shout, to dream, to savor, to laugh,to judge, to scare, and to preach. Even the most delicate scenes of my life, the uncensored feelings, the disturbing ideas can be expressed through writing. There is no medium of expression that has so much freedom, as writing. It brings out everything I have in my brain and in my heart. This is what I enjoy most about writing.”

We want our ideas to be relevant in this world.
When you blog, you have the assumption that someday, somewhere, somehow, someone might read your blog. It is like searching for soul mates in the vast universe, meeting of the minds, and tying thoughts. You are hoping that you echo someone’s grievance, someone’s passion, someone’s feelings, someone’s opinions.

I/You/We want to have a voice in this world.
Not every moment in my life, somebody is willing to listen to my jokes, on what happened to me this morning, how stupid I think I am, how do I deal with people I hate, and what changes I want to happen in my country. My ability to write helps me release all those feelings and all those running ideas in my head.

Blogging immortalizes your thoughts.
Shakespeare’s sonnets end with a promise of immortality stating: “For as long as men shall live, or men can see. So long lives this, and this give life to thee.” In the same way, blogs become your external memory. They are like photographs. They capture moments. They capture stories.

You can broadcast yourself anytime.
Long ago, the only way to broadcast yourself is to be a TV personality. The good thing about today’s technology, broadcasting becomes accessible to everybody. You don’t have to be in MTV to show your talent worldwide. All you need is Youtube. A blog gives you some sense of power.

No one edits your work.
You know how it feels a large chunk of your work is reconstructed, paraphrased? Professional writers experience that but for bloggers, it is not a problem.

I can always use “I”.
A professor in feature writing once said, “Don’t use ‘ I’ when you’re writing an article unless you are significant (e.g you-kno-who someone).” In line with this, you claim expertise over something when you use the word “I”.

You are gratified when your written work gets “published”.
When you hit the “publish” button, after finishing a blog post in WordPress, you feel like you have attained something. It is published even if your blog circulates in a small circle of friends, even if it remains dormant for sometime.

To you, my friend, why not start making a blog? You’ll know how I feel when you do 🙂

By Dave Walker

11 thoughts on “Blog like we’re Dying

  1. I LOVE this post! Blogging makes me feel like I can actually get someone to read my thoughts. I like that when I have something I want to share I have an avenue to do and and I have people to tell me what they think. Plus I love finding other bloggers and seeing all the things they want to share. I learn so much from blogging!


  2. lahat ito ay tama at totoo. sa tingin ko bawat tao may sariling dahilan bakit siya nagbablog, lahat tayo iba-iba pero ang pare-parehong di mapakali maisip pa lang na mawawalan na ng blog bukas. haha.


  3. agree! it’s not bad to share your everyday experience. somehow it indicates your ideas, thoughts & feelings. so keep on blogging jack, reading your blogs is beneficial:)


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