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Today, marriage is just a piece of paper or a legal term to describe relationships. Every once in a while, you’ll hear news about local TV stars filing annulment and Hollywood stars filing divorce. And we are on debate if the Philippines should have divorce. I also heard that there’s a proposition that marriage contract should have an expiration date. Hence, the couple have the option to renew their contract or they can have new partners without legal impediments. I was kinda curious with the grounds of divorce because Russell Brand just filed a divorce after his 14months marriage with Katy Perry. So I did a little research online and browse some web pages from different countries. In some country, you can apply for divorce if your spouse has a sexual transmitted disease or has mental disorder. You can also apply for a divorce if your husband or wife is infertile or cannot give you children. And if you’re updated with showbiz news, you can apply for divorce because of “irreconcilable differences.” I was contemplating of the term, “irreconcilable differences.” Then I laughed thinking that any difference can be irreconcilable. Work schedule can be irreconcilable. Issue on money can be irreconcilable. Body clocks are irreconcilable. Appetites are irreconcilable. He wants to sleep with the lights off while you can’t sleep without the lights on. See? There is a very long list of irreconcilable differences.

Ironically, I’m thinking about annulment, divorce, and prenuptial, separation in the month of February while other people are thinking of love, togetherness, and union .  At the midst of many separation ideas, I come across these captivating photos of Lauren Fleishman. She has a project called Love Ever After. In her project, she preserves love stories of couples, who have been married for 50 years or more, in a photograph book (much more than a photography book)

Her inspiration comes from her grandparents.  After her grandfather passed away, she discovered a series of love letters written by her grandfather to her grandmother during World War II. Since then, she started photographing and interviewing couples in New York.

I love her photos. Her photos are stories. Another reason is they remind me of my parents. And my parents can be good subjects for her book. They are married for more than 50 years but they are not based in New York so that means they’re not qualified for the book… hehe

This project has a noble cause. Aside from the art and profit the photographer gets, it can inspire more people to maintain lasting relationships. In the age of divorce and the so called “irreconcilable differences”, people should get a glance of these photos. You always get to see young people in love but not old people in love.

And  here’s my parents’ story

Photos below are taken by anonymous photographers



If you want to learn more of  Love Ever After project or other works of Lauren Fleishman  work, check her site :

7 thoughts on “Support Love Ever After

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  3. the photos are fantastic! i support your point on irreconcilable differences. i’m like, roll eyes at whatever they come up with. that’s crazy. it’s alarming how people tend to get selfish these days. love will become extinct the next thing we know.


  4. … people (not all people) celebrate Valentine’s Day once a year, and that might be the reason why they can just end a relationship that easily. Love should be forever, I’m a Christian, and God showed me his love from the day I was born, and I was born as a product of both my parent’s love(they’ve had their ups and downs, so far, everything’s going up). So it’s ridiculous to play with emotions, I’m not really a Shakespeare fan but I like what he quoted; “Never play with the feelings of others, because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a life time.” – he does have a point. And from the fact that we are humans, if we do those things, we are like dogs, or those other animals lower to our level. So, if we are human as we say, with a brain and a heart, it would be great if we stay that way… 😀


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