Everybody’s Favorite Word

Every time I take a sip of coffee, I think of love.

Even if you read a lot of books about love, heard a lot of sermons about love, talk about love 100th time with your friends and peers, there is still something new about love. I try not to write matters of the heart in my blog because I believe they are only meant to be secrets. But, at this moment, my fingers are itching to write love, love, love. How can I not think about love when it’s the first word that welcomes me every morning? Other than bus signboards, it is the only word I conscientiously read in the morning before I start my work. Since February is only a  few days away, I might take this circumstance as a reason to pour out my thoughts for the world’s favorite word, love.

Warning: This post contains cheesy and corny lines.

To know if you love someone, read 1st Corinthians 13

I heard from a sermon, if you want to know if you are a loving person, replace the word “love ” with your name in the passages of 1st Corinthians 13. Do this:

(Your name) is patient. (Your name) is kind. (Your name) does not boast. (Your name) is not rude.(Your name) is not self-seeking. (Your name) is not easily angered. (Your name) keeps no record of wrongs… (Your name) always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always preserves.

Cannot complete all the blanks with your name? Of course, this is ideal as it is taken from Bible but this keeps you in perspective. It makes you believe that you cannot love everybody as much as you can if these passages are your standard.

The only people on earth who can give you unconditional love are your parents.

I don’t know if I sound bitter but I think this is an optimistic view about love. If you accept that not everybody loves you they way your parents do, it will help you embrace human flaws. When you’re sick, your friends won’t care for you that much, the way your parents do. When you are late, your  friend Mr/Ms Special Someone can call quits but parents will be there for you come what may. We always use terms like “prodigal son”, “prodigal daughter” but we don’t use “prodigal friend”, “prodigal brother,” “prodigal sister,” “prodigal friend”, “prodigal lover”, “prodigal girlfriend”, “prodigal boyfriend”, “prodigal husband”, “prodigal wife”.

When you have not been in love, love is a superstition. When you have been in love, love is an illusion.

I am half lying and half telling the truth to make this sound like a general fact. Honestly, I haven’t experience much in life to verify this. But I know at some point of our lives, we felt this, believe in this, and question this. I’m supposed to complete this thought by continuing the sentence: “There is no absolute truth in love. The only time it becomes true when….” I stopped. I don’t know what else to say. Maybe when you’re 50.

Unrequited love is better than lost love.

Do I really have to write this? Let’s just say, I’ll tell you when you are older (* imitating Mrs Teapot from Beauty and the Beast)

Love is patient. You will always be a heart patient. (harhar)

As I am writing now, I am sick. I often joked around that I don’t have colds, I’m just love-sick. If heartache is considered an ailment, I could have used all my sick leave credits.(lol) Nah, my heart is healthy. I wear thick clothes or jacket to protect me from colds and I also wear a thick skin to protect my heart.

On Public Display of Affection, I’d rather see two people love than two people fight.

Some very conservative people will not agree with me but I ‘d rather see lovebirds than angry birds. Sometimes, I get to witness lovers’ quarrel in the mall and I think it’s not good for public viewing (lol). Believe me, we should promote love than war.

 Love is relative.

One cannot say ” I love you more”  or  “I love you less.”  Therefore , if  X says  “I love you to Y” and Y replies “I love you too” to X, it does not mean it’s mutual understanding.

Sometimes, all that matters is you are loved.

I was on a ride with one of the most liberated people I have ever met in college. She said she dreamed that she was about to die. In her dream, she grumbled, “I don’t even have my Master’s degree yet. But all I really wanted.. I want to be loved.” Well, sometimes, that’s the only thing that makes us complete.

6 thoughts on “Everybody’s Favorite Word

  1. your thoughts are beautiful. i laughed with the lovebirds and angry birds comparison on pda. you know, i find that i do not have strong feelings against pda. i think there is the right kind and it is cute. 🙂


  2. … ang layo pa ng Feb 14… Hehehe… 😀 … it’s hard to get an unconditional Love from someone, it’s true that God and our parents are the only one’s who does. When I got sick, I informed my friend that I can’t go to work, yet he replied, “Pumunta ka dito! Now Na!”… well, I can’t blame him, he’s my Supervisor… 😀 … I think, to be loved is to earn it. If you are patient, kind, humble, not rude, not selfish, low tempered, doesn’t have any grudges and loyal, everybody sticks to you till the end, not because you’re financially stable, yet it’s because you’re safer than the others… (Haha! Safer). In terms of Love, like, for someone… I just hope she can wait (if she knows I exist, actually, it is a one-way-transaction). Because if forever is what we’ll have right after, then “Patience” is what I’ll need, but if I’m too late, then I know that God has something install for me… 😀


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