My Uncle Sam

Sometimes sorrow teaches us the best things in life and brings out the best in us. My most viewed blog post is a piece written for my Uncle Sam (also found in a community blog, Last weekend, we went to San Felipe, a small town in Cotobato to have a reunion and to remember Uncle Sam’s death anniversary. In memory of my Uncle’s Sam, here’s an article by a local writer in Union County Advocate. To have a better look, click the scanned photos.


2 thoughts on “My Uncle Sam

  1. hi jacky!
    little i know about yur uncle sam-imagine i was only 3 years old then when he left for Texas. i had never seen or personally meet him even when he was in the country for seeing u all or us in san felipe. yes, i saw yur group pix wid yur dad and
    mom and others posted on the FB. the last time i was in san felipe meeting yur
    uncle perfecto and several childhood buddies like moses,joshua..etc is 2007 when
    the Palarong Pambansa was hosted by Koronadal City. Sige, again my greetings!!!


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