Three Questions to make 2012

As I make a draft of my bucket list, I look back at 2011. There are three important questions I got from 2011 that continue to get on my nerves.  These will be my guide as I make a long list on what I should do for the year.

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to wait. Agree? Every once in a while we ask ourselves, “Is it worth waiting?” Followed by a number of questions:” Should we move on or wait? When is the right time? Should we make a new set of goals or keep the ones we have on our bucket lists?”

Before my former office mate left, he gave me some brotherly advice. When he raised this question, it got stuck on my head.

When you think about it, waiting is easy. When you fall in line for NBI clearance, that’s fine. When you fall in line on airport check in counter, that’s fine. You do nothing but wait. It’s a mere test of patience. That’s what I call ‘passive waiting.’

But when you make life changing decisions, waiting is a question. It’s not about patience anymore. It’s about values. Will you wait for the right time, right opportunity, right people, right place just to try?

Well, wait if you can but be ‘actively waiting’.

Someone I know got accepted in Universal Studios as one of their talents. He said he was torn between leaving his country and his loved ones, and living in another country to be an actor. But the question that made him decide was which one will he regret more.

Regret is inevitable. You may regret if you do not try but you may also regret if you do try. Just go for it or else, forever resolve the what-ifs of life. I got this from Tom Basson’s blog, “The biggest mistake you can make is doing nothing because you’re too scared to make a mistake.”

This question comes from a very popular song. I keep singing this line with much conviction ( with tear drops lol). For reasons I cannot share, it is a question that reminds me, “So what do you do next?”

9 thoughts on “Three Questions to make 2012

  1. … I’ve thought about the third question, and that always happens to me. Maybe a less of courage, or maybe it’s the fear of getting through with it? I would say, that question would be the most nerve-wracking of all. The First two question are manageable, but third one is hard core… 😀


  2. you post is lovely. they are questions dancing on my head too, especially the one on waiting. i’m not the most patient in the world. the quote on regret is spot on. my friend told me it’s okay to make mistakes, they can be great mistakes! so i guess that is an encouragement to try things more. for the last bit, i wish i know the answer, but really, i don’t.


    1. Thanks PM for dropping by, PM … I got this from a playwright “Failure is really important. Because if you are not failing, you are not taking risks.” In short, let’s be brave enough to make mistakes 😀


      1. oh that is cool. but you know, i guess they forgot to add something to that, they should be calculated mistakes, not mistakes, mistakes. it’s not great to go around in life jumping cliffs without a strand of care too, right?


  3. I didnt ge the third one. but the first two was nervewracking, it gets to my veins.. especially now that I’m facing big decisions with long term effects.
    Pero masasagot din yang mga tanong na yan if may magtatanong na:
    “Do you have the courage to face the unknown?”


    1. @ Lester: Nah. the third one is just a question for me. hehe Let’s just say it’s from a song for people who haven’t moved on hehe… Yes, courage is important. We’re scared because we think we might fail and that it might not work out. But I’m trying to convince myself that with great failure comes great success (vice versa). ..well, we just have to take risk and learn how to fight our fears 😉


  4. … I’ve got some 3 questions as well in 2012; When? How? And then What? [Parang Announcement Board]. It somewhat like a guideline… Hehehe… 😀 When will I start, How will I do it and then What’s going to happen… 😀 well, maybe the ‘What” is something that I would reserve… 😀


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