People I want to meet in 2012

To be more sociable. This would be my New Year’s resolution if ever I need to make one. I realized I needed to work on my social skills when someone asked me, “Do you talk?” Deep inside, I wanted to answer, “Yes, I talk. I know how to make noise. I know how to make music too (lol). I also have a powerful shriek that can destroy towers and crack firewalls.” It is easy to make friends with people whom you have shared experiences. Well, that’s common sense! But to build a relaxed conversation with someone you accidentally bumped on the elevator is tough. In fact, that’s weird! I made some introspection. I need to go out of my shell and wear an I-NEED-PEOPLE placard.

There are many great people with great stories to tell. So, why not let the man you accidentally bumped on the elevator be part of your life? Why not leave prejudice and I-know-you-don’t-like-me behavior behind? This is all for the sake of meeting these kinds of people.

A corporate slave who finds passion in other things

Sad to say, most people live to work and work to live. Sometimes I can’t help but think these people must be boring. They just work. I don’t want to die and be known as Jacklyn, The Employee. Hence, I appreciate people who are dedicated employees but has other source of happiness, aside from their paycheck.

An old wizard

I am not referring to witchcraft.When I speak of wizard, I want a sage. I want an old or a well-experience person who can be my mentor. He or she will teach me and inspire me to do well in whatever I do.

A smart person who loves God


I like smart people (Why not?) but I admire people who are not only smart but who also love God. I notice that some very smart people have the tendency to question God’s existence. I wish people who have brains have faith too.

A real blogger

I want to virtually meet a real blogger. It’s fun to know other people’s lives. My definition of a real blogger is someone who writes to share and to satisfy his or her craving. S/he takes time to write a post. I like blogs that are personal compared to those blogs that generate press release (besides, we have online newspapers and magazines for that).

By Dave Walker

And of course, I’m looking forward to meet YOU!

Yes, YOU!

Happy 2012, everyone!

8 thoughts on “People I want to meet in 2012

  1. Jackie, let’s meet in 2012!! hehehe 🙂
    yeah, I agree… intelligent people need to have faith too. Then maybe we can really make good use of their intellect. ^^


  2. It’s so nice to meet a very interesting person like you. I have been browsing your blog for some time now and I see cool things!


  3. … I’ve met a lot of great people… well, they’re great in the sense that they don’t see life as a curse of their normal living, Hehehe… I would like to meet more Christian people in this world, and you’re right, most of the smart people are the one’s who don’t believe in God. It’s not like I don’t wanna meet them, it’s just that, I’m not that smart nor intelligent to deny God.


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