Feeling Musician

One of my favorite colleges in UP  is College of Music.  I have only enrolled one credited subject in  College of Music. I studied  Literature of  Philippine Music as a GE elective for Philippine Studies. In our class, we were introduced to indigenous musical instruments played in the Philippines. I then enrolled in two individual classes of College of Music Extension Program.

I feel like I’m in another country when I’m in College of Music. It reminds me of foreign films that have music school setting.  From the moment you enter the college, you hear a lot of sounds: the gongs, the piano, and the falsetto voice. It only has a small population of students. It has green grounds. The ambiance makes you feel nostalgic and romantic.

And every time a big event happens in the college, there’s a small booth around the corner that sells music accessories.  I don’t how to read notes nor play a music instrument but I like the feeling when I see  and wear musical notes. If you are a “feeling musician” like me, you might find these items as a good way to show off that you are “musically minded”.

G-clef Paper Clip
Piano Paper Clip
Eighth Note Paper Clips
G-clef Sticky Note
Twin Notes Keychain
Music Measure Pin
Music Notes Wrist Band
Theatre Mask Necklace
Eighth Note Tea Spoon
G-clef Earrings

They also have bracelets, bags, belts, stickers and other music accessories. Unfortunately, you can no longer find this booth in UP. If you are interested, you can visit http://notablestuff.multiply.com/

4 thoughts on “Feeling Musician

  1. It’s an Eighth Note Tea Spoon hehe… that’s one of my favorite too… what I would like to have is a G-clef pen ‘coz it looks more “music geekish” hehe sadly, it wasn’t available..


  2. … I like the Music Measure Pin, if you put it on a sling bag or in an ID lanyard, people can see that your a real Music Geek. And I like the G-Clef Tea Spoon, or is it an Eighth Note Tea Spoon? it’s really awesome! 😀


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