Define Eargasm

Eargasm defined in online slang dictionary as a metaphorical “orgasm of the ears” due to hearing something immensely satisfying, having a good ear cleaning. In urban dictionary, it is defined as the sensation one gets while hearing a dramatic climax in music. In my own definition, eargasm is the pleasure you feel when you listen to good music. It is the moment when you say, “Ahh that sound sooo goood.” You play the music many times in your head. You are responsible for having 1,000 views of of that song in Youtube. You cannot contain the feeling that you share it to other people. You share it in Facebook. You tell your friends offline, “Go, listen.”

If my definition of  eargasm is insufficient, watch or just listen to the performances of The Sing Off finalists.


The Pentatonix is consistently the best group in the show. They are very inventive with their arrangement. Though their niche is Top 40 hits, they do well in any music genre.  They can make a 60s song sound appealing to their generation. They will let you believe that the original is not always the best.  They have better renditions of pop songs. I’m not a fan of disco music but because of Pentatonix, I learn to love this type of music. The songs they sing have futuristic touch. As what Shawn Stockman said, they were sent from the future to save a capella music.

Urban Method

Like Pentatonix, they have a signature music. Urban Method fuses rap and a capella. They sound like a track from a record album. They mimic sounds you would normally hear  in a recording studio. They used to be my least favorite because their music sounded dark and gloomy. Eventually, they proved me wrong. They showed creativity and versatility.

Dartmouth Aires

If you like Broadway, Dartmouth Aires is your bet. They always have theatrical performances. They are very entertaining even if they don’t have strong beatboxers. They maintain conventional harmonies,  the typical sound you hear in a college choir. I admire them for that because they are able to compete with modern a capella groups even if they sound traditional. They combine class and fun.

In conclusion, if you want good music, watch The Sing Off. All episodes are found on Youtube.

5 thoughts on “Define Eargasm

  1. Actually, I first heard it from Nicole Scherzinger. She used the word “musical orgasm” in one of the episodes from the past season of The Sing Off. Then, later on, I discover the word “eargasm” in Youtube which best describes what we feel when a song satisfies so bad yet we still want more. I searched “Carmina Burana – O Furtuna” in Youtube because you mentioned it haha… yun ba yung nasa Mortal Combat?


    1. I never heard that piece from MK… and I don’t think it’s from that movie. When I was a kid, we went to our relatives HQ on a reunion. And one of my cousins was watching a certain movie (I forgot the title, but the cinematography was a bit murky and I’m pretty sure it’s not MK). And there was one scene wherein they played this piece, and I was like feeling the chills on my spine when I heard that. So, I don’t think that “O Furtuna” is from MK… sorry…. 😀 and it’s not just “O Furtuna”, I also had eargasm with W.A Mozart’s “Lacrimosa-Requiem”. 😀


  2. Ngayon ko lang pinakinggan yung mga videos galing sa Sing-off sa ilang beses mong pagpost ng tungkol dito. Magaling naman pala sila. (Ako yung anonymous na nagcomment. Pabura na lang.)


  3. I’ve read the word Eargasm on Youtube when I was watching the performance of Pentatonix. Their group is the best, they are full of surprises and very inventive with their arrangement. I always have that eargasm thingy when I listen to good music, especially when I play with my imagination and use a certain piece and have it as a background music… pretty weird, but at least I have my own movie in my head (LoL!). If I would say, my very first eargasm experience was from a piece entitled “Carmina Burana – O Furtuna” by Carl Orff. It really chills my bone once the music starts to play… so I guess I might be able to use that word and not offend conservative people… Hehehe… 😀


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