Dear John (Part 2)

I want to have a good sleep tonight and so I visit John’s blog. John made a blog post for me in response to my blog post for him. Because I am narcissistic, I like to share what he wrote for me to a wider audience lol

I’m not really expecting a reply but  THANK YOU!

An excerpt from John’s post:

This might sound or appear selfish but I would still want to be that person who would patiently wait for you while you pick the shoes that perfectly fits you. I would still want to be the one to take you to Quiapo, to the Luneta Park, to Museo Pambata and even to the Manila Zoo. Though I’ve never been asked the way you have been, except when my relatives asked me if you were my girlfriend during my graduation, I would still want to be there by your side whenever you need me and that I would still be willing to give time for you in just a snap. This is to more dream cakes, movies, eat outs, “news features,” and endless dreaming. This is to forever.

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