Dear John

Dedicated this post to a friend who celebrated his birthday last July  …  Better late than never….

Photo by Kim Pauig

“Boyfriend mo?”

This is the nth time someone asked me this question. I often hear this question when I post photos with John, ride a cab with John, go out with John. And I find this question funny. When I visited his home for his graduation celebration, some of his relatives asked, “Girlfriend mo? “ And on my graduation day, he invited himself to be one of my guests. The following Sunday, my aunt asked, “Boyfriend mo?” I reply with a smile. I sometimes, answer “yes.” (haha!) For one reason, I think it’s a compliment (Though I don’t really think it’s a compliment for John that people think I’m his girlfriend haha!). He’s tall and tisoy so why not? I once accompanied John in one of the school offices and the lady who was fixing some papers we needed said, “Ang gwapo gwapo mo!” To come to think of it, I wish my future boyfriend to be someone like John, except that I don’t want him to copy the way John smiles and the way John talks. And so whoever will be, might be, or just be imaginary, set John as your example.

He is willing to bring me in places I have not been like Quiapo, Luneta Park, and Museo Pambata. We dine at places I like to eat where I can order cake, instant pansit canton, isaw, and bottomless iced tea. He watched my performances and witnessed the special events of my life (including my super cramming moments with my thesis and other unlucky days). He edits and simplifies my work ( invitation letters, letters of request for Journalism club). Of all the things I don’t want to do with a friend is to shop a new pair of shoes. I have unique feet that I have to spend the entire day just to find one that will fit my feet. But John never complained how long he had to wait.

He shares simple joys with me such as having long walks in UP and talking about people (It’s not gossip. I call it ‘News Feature.’), and having an animal ride in SM food court (the one that looks like a large stuff toy that kids ride on.)

He rescues me when I’m in trouble or when I need to escape boredom. He makes himself available and that’s why I like most about John. He is there when you need a last-minute help.

At the end of day, I just want to be with someone whom I don’t need to pretend and whom I can have long talks. And that person is you, John 🙂

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