Happiness is Cheap

You see friends’ photos of their out-of-town trips. They document every place they go and every food they eat. You see them wearing stylish clothes at a bar party. They post happy wall status. Friends tell you must learn how to drink beer so you can join their ‘happiness.’ Celebrities take ecstasy just to feel high. You read blogs of people you don’t really know. With their unedited blog posts, you know how excited they are. No period. No commas. They write about their trip to Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, and, New York. And sometimes, you can’t help but think, ‘Do I really have to go to California (because you hear songs, California Girls and California King Bed), India,  Indonesia, Italy (like Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat Pray Love) just to be happy? Do I have to spend a lot and travel a lot just to be happy?’

Sometimes, you wonder do I have to do lot of things just to be happy? You’ll be surprised to know that your neighbor who does less is happier than you are. The boys on the street who make annoying sounds when a lovely girl passes by is happier than you are. The children who only want candies and toys are happier than you are. Mr. Z has no job and has children to feed laughs harder than you do. The security guard who earns less than you do has a wider smile. So, I conclude anybody can afford happiness.

Here are a few things that really make me happy. Although these are temporary, I get instant results. They increase my energy, improve my immune system and mental health (Believe me!). They are good for the heart and mind.


I know how a chain smoker feels when I taste lollipop. It’s like a cigarette to me. It takes stress, anxiety, anger and hatred away. It helps me to calm down and relax. It is also a good thinking tool because it lasts on you mouth for a couple of minutes. When bad memories are trying to occupy a lot of space in my brain, a lollipop can drive them away. When you want to get mad at someone, try lollipop. It will prevent you from slapping someone or throwing bad words or tactless remarks. And, if you are craving just for some sweetness, lollipop can give you immediate gratification.

My favorite lollipop is Chupa Chups Strawberry Cream flavor. I’ve been looking for a pack of Chupa Chups strawberry cream flavor in grocery stores and malls. They usually sell a pack of assorted flavors. If you know where I can find them, please send me a message and I will consider you one of me ‘ bestest’ friend.

Comfort Food

When a person is depressed, it’s either he eats a lot or lost appetite. Whatever your attitude towards food in times of crisis, it’s always good to have comfort food. Comfort food improves your appetite. When I’m sick, physically or emotionally or psychotic, I just don’t eat anything that comes across my table. I choose what I eat and that’s how I discover the importance of comfort food. My comfort food varies from time to time. When I was college and did not like my teacher, I looked for the ice cream vendor in campus. And there was a moment in my life, that I bought doughnut every day. Now, when I reward myself after working so hard, I treat myself with Jollibee Chickenjoy. Go ahead, have a special meal.


Coke never paid me to endorse their product but indeed, Coke is happiness. Coke is like beer to me. It pacifies pain and makes simple celebration more meaningful.

Favorite Song and Favorite Video

A line in Sound of Music teaches us a trick to be happy. It goes like this,” I simply remember my favorite things. And I don’t feel so bad.” This is very true. But, what if your favorite things are play station, cars , shoes, perfume? You’ll probably be broke just to fix a broken heart. So, what I normally do in the morning I listen to my favorite song and watch my favorite video. My favorite video and favorite song serve as my  multivitamins.  And it’s amazing how songs can change  how you feel.

One of my favorite songs is Who you are originally sung by Jessie Jay.  It helps me love myself, especially when I want to overcome little disappointments in life or in moments I just want to be narcissistic.

For my favorite video, I search videos of Sing Off. It’s a TV show where a capella groups compete. I love a capella music because sometimes some emotions can only be heard in a human voice than in a guitar, piano, drums or violin. One of my favorite videos is the performance of On the Rocks with their rendition of  Live your Life. I like this video because the energy of the 15 boys is so infectious. When I’ m watching their video, I want to jump and lift my hands in the air.

Celebrity Crush

Sadly, sometimes we can’t get inspiration in the real world. I travel to fantasy world every now and then so that I can be in love, be happy, and be fascinated. In the fantasy world, I meet people who pass my so-called standards. The people you think who have everything are celebrities. I’d rather fall in love with a man I can only see on TV, posters, and Youtube than fall for a breathing male specimen. A celebrity will never break your heart because you consciously know that it is and will always be unrequited love.

And I really love Danny O”Donoghue of The Script. Why not? He’s so ideal. Aside from the fact he has good looks and Irish accent, he is witty, deep, passionate, humble, down to earth, a storyteller and he knows how to play with words (The Script write their own songs.) He’s a brilliant performer. I like the intensity of his performance when he plays the keyboard, sings and connects with the audience. When I hear Danny’s voice, I can feel his pain. As I listen to his voice, I can imagine a man having menstrual cramps. By judging the songs he wrote and the way he performs, I know  he means what he sings.


The next guy who inspires me is Peter Hollens. I am a sucker for male vocalists. I saw him in Sing Off. He is one of the lead singers of  the a capella group On the Rocks. I  like  his voice. It’ clear, sweet, tenor and romantic. He can make a rap song ballad.  He can make a cheesy song classic. When he sings, I believe him.

 And isn’t he cute with coat and tie?

Sing and Dance

When I want to be in good mood, I sing and dance…… with or without any audience. I know there are a lot of people who sing to have fun. Many go to karaoke bars to have fun. The difference between I and others is that I don’t choose the right place and the right time to sing. I sing in the busy streets of Makati and EDSA, anywhere, as long as I feel like singing. I just can’t sing on my head. I have to release it. I unconsciously open my mouth and produce sounds while I am ‘singing on my head’ supposedly. Sometimes, I get to see people glance at me. That’s the time I realize my voice gets louder as I hit high notes. But I’m not afraid to be embarrassed. They don’t know who I am, anyway. Though I can’t dance everywhere, I sometimes sway my hands and hop a little while I’m walking. I feel like I’m a music video or in a musical movie.

When I am inside my room, I do sing, act, and dance a lot. My room-mate enjoys watching free live performance. Ask her. I need an outlet. If I cannot find any source of happiness today, I need to make one. That’s why I sing and dance.

People often think I’m drunk or in drugs. But in truth, I don’t need to get drunk or take marijuana. Happiness is a choice. I choose to buy a pack of lollipops, to listen and watch my favorite videos, to eat fried chicken, and to be crazy over a rock star. If happiness is an illusion, then let it be. As stated by TV host, Boy Abunda, “Don’t let anybody steal your happiness.” Happiness is everywhere as long as you can sing and dance everywhere. And even if you can’t, you can always write a blog post like this.

6 thoughts on “Happiness is Cheap

  1. Yup! Happiness is a choice and if you choose to be happy then you choose to live long. What makes me happy is to see the Sun in the sky (a very common way to get motivated), but it truly makes my day, and also listening to my favorite music (Upside Down-Jack Johnson and Remedy-Jason Mraz). But what really makes me happy, is to know that I am still alive, and I thank God for that! 😀


  2. naging comfort food ko rin yung Cloud 9. True, Joyce, happiness is available for everyone. We make our own happiness. Kaya we don’t have to envy other people’s happiness. We just have to look around and learn to appreciate things around us :))


  3. Nice one Jackie! 😀 yeah, you are right. Happiness is available for everyone… Just like you, I try to appreciate the simple things that are around me. Especially when I feel too upset; I guess, we just have to condition our minds that we’re still lucky and fortunate so there’s no reason to be unhappy. I love chickenjoy too!! I don’t know, there’s something in it that reminds me of my happy childhood.. And Cloud 9 is my comfort food. 😀


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