Nobody Can Put a Good Talent Down

Because I have  no time to write something new for my blog, I’ll just post some old files from my archive.  I wrote this when I was working as a personal assistant of an entertainment writer, probably four years ago.

Photo from Giselle Sanchez Fan Page

The world could have been a happier place if everybody were like Giselle Sanchez. She has made a thousand people laugh across the across the country and across the globe. She just arrived in the country after having six shows in Dubai and had been to  Ireland, Milan, Barcelona, and Beijing this year. She has spread laughter all over the world.

At the age of three, her fate as a comedienne has already been foreseen. She said she would never go to sleep without making someone smile. As a child, she would ask everyday if she had made someone smile. And now, she sleeps with great contentment thinking she has made a thousand people laugh.

But her life as a comedienne is not as easy as how she appears on stage. In her 16 years of show business, there have been many attempts to pull her down. A beverage company hired her regularly. On a national sales convention, she made a very naughty joke. She got banned from the beverage company and advertising agency on her second year in show business. “That was the lowest point of my life. I thought I’m never gonna make it as a comedienne,”she recalled. Nevertheless, the company got her again ten years later. But now she takes extra caution. “I’ve learned my lesson the hard way,” she said.

And while she was starting to make a name in the industry, some people in show business tried to pull her down. An actress saw her as an extra on her TV show and asked, “What are you doing here?” She was surprised at the sarcastic remark of the actress because they studied in the same school in high school, Poveda Learning Center where Giselle graduated second honors. But as time passed by, she became proud of her.

On one incident, a well-established comedienne was laughing with her director. “Medyo baduy ang clothes ko,” she said because she was a beginner and could not afford to buy enough clothes. She mocked at her not-well-color-coordinated outfit and even said that Giselle did not have the talent.

Also, a member of the press was very mean to her to the extent that she wanted to file a libel suit. Eventually, her lawyer advised her not to do so. “I just learn to forgive.” After ten years, he became her co-host. He even asked her to be part of the show. Giselle was thankful that she did not file the libel suit. She learned that the only thing she can do with press people whether they like her or not is to make friends with them.

Not only that, she gets negative feedback from extremely conservative audience. “I will just pray for your soul,” a chief finance officer said. The whole group gave her standing ovation except her. She did not even clap. And then she found out that the woman was a Christian. “Mabuhay ang katolikong relihiyon,” she exclaimed. She is happy at the thought that her religion is receptive to the kind of show she performs.

The worst rebuke she ever got was from an elder in a big Christian group. Giselle is active in discipleship ministry. “She said that I have no right to be in the discipleship ministry. I have no right because I perform in places of hell, in the places of the devil because I’m naughty, I entice people to commit sin,”said Giselle with her huge laugh. But whatever image she projects in live shows, she has the desire to serve God. She belongs to a catholic charismatic group, Oasis of Love. “That’s why I love Oasis of love, because they understand. Most of the members of the group are actors and actresses and they know the difference between acting and art versus the real service to God. ”

Giselle is lucky that she has a husband who supports and loves her work. When asked how her husband manages sexual jokes, she replied, “He loved it. he’s probably the most confident guy and very secured.” She added, “The nice part is also his parents, when the whole family watches the show, I can really sit down in man’s lap and openly flirt with male audience because they know it’s not me, it’s my show”

Given with all the best and the worst circumstances, she continues to find comfort in making other people laugh. On her nine month of pregnancy, she slipped on stage when she was about to have a duet with Jose Marie Chan. Thank heavens, Jose Marie Chan caught her. “You just saved my baby.” And she was also flying on stage at her concert during her 8th month of pregnancy. Despite the danger of performing during pregnancy, she never turns her shows down.

In her sixteen years in show business, she has learned some tips to her success. “ Not to burn bridges and respect your seniors even if the seniors are trying to put you down. You still have to respect them,” she said. Looking back, she is grateful of having Tesi Tomas and John Santos, and Maya as her friends.They have helped her become Giselle Sanchez.

Her rewards as a popular host and comedienne is a reminder that nobody can put a good talent down. And no one can put Giselle Sanchez down.

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