Palm Sunday with Puppets

There are stories that are too old and too familiar but need to be retold, replayed, and restaged.  The life and death of Jesus Christ is the story that we all know but there will always a creative way to narrate it . I just watched Papet Pasyon, a puppet play  depicting the life and crucifixion of Christ. This was staged at Teacher’s Village in Quezon City by Teatrong Mulat ng Pilipinas, the first in children’s theater and puppetry in the Philippines. Amelia Lapeña-Bonifacio, Mulat founder, wrote the Papet Pasyon in 1985. Teatro Mulat has been performing  Papet Pasyon for free every Palm Sunday of the year. They hope to bring Christ’s story closer to children through puppetry.


sorry for the poor photo quality of my phone… but the puppets are 100x better than this photo


with , Dr. Amihan Bonifacio-Ramolete, Department Chair -UP Speech and Theatre Arts and Jesus Christ puppet

with , Dr. Amihan Bonifacio-Ramolete, Department Chair -UP Speech and Theatre Arts and Jesus Christ puppet


Puppeteer of Maria/ Mary

puppet 3

Puppeteer of Judas


64 Mapagkawanggawa St., Teachers Vill., 1101 Quezon City, Philippines

64 Mapagkawanggawa St., Teachers Village, 1101 Quezon City, Philippines

You can also find  a collection of puppets, dolls and toys Teatrong Mulat






Take time to walk and look

As I was walking on my home, I spotted some eye candy street art.

Can you guess where I took these photos?

These are my  favorites:




If you are working in Makati, you probably pass by this wall art.  It’s somewhere near Enterprise  parking lot. Better walk slowly


Lesson learned: When you can’t see anything good in this world , look up. Beautiful things above remain permanent.Weh? Lol

Always find beauty wherever you are :)

No art, no he-art

“The arts are not just a nice thing to have or to do if there is free time or if one can afford it. Rather, paintings and poetry, music and fashion, design and dialogue, they all define who we are as a people and provide an account of our history for the next generation.”

-Michelle Obama

Sometimes people ask why you buy books,  handicrafts, materials for scrapbook and painting, watch a play, a concert.  I wonder why people have to look for special reasons. I do acknowledge that there are more important things in this world but I don’t think that it’s a waste of money nor waste of time  to be involved in these art forms. I think art is an investment. Most of the time, we think art in terms of its cultural value. But art has a personal value and has a long term-effect to an individual (whether you are a sender or receiver of art). In the same way how food nourishes our bodies, art nourishes our senses. I am not saying spend more on movies and concerts and spend less on food and clothing. I am not saying go and watch an indie film. I am not saying buy a book even if you’re broke or start collecting comics and paintings. Engage in an art that is accessible and palatable to you. It may be a visit to a museum, studying make-up or reading a graphic novel.

Art is not for the middle-class, for the élite or educated. Some people are willing to spend for liquor and buffet meal but find it expensive to buy a book. Some people buy the latest gadgets but question you why you buy a ticket for a live performance. It’s strange because these are equally unnecessary for survival yet we find a high calorie dinner and an extra cellphone more acceptably rewarding.

So why is it not a waste of money and time?

Art is an experience
Experience may seem ephemeral but experiences cannot be taken away or stolen. An experience is personal, priceless and unique. You cannot copy experiences and you cannot borrow senses. Hence, a friend who shares you how convincing the movie is, how amazing the concert is,  is different from a friend who shares another apple to you.  What you notice a lot in a live performance, or what you see in a mural is not always the same with others.

wicked stage

Wicked Stage

Art makes us human
We are way beyond our biological functions. We are the only creatures that can appreciate design, craft, and showmanship. We sense. We feel. We favor certain sounds and colors. We critique. I guess we should practice what is innately unique in human nature. Let’s find beauty in shapes and sizes, find satisfaction in sounds, sights arrangement, and rhythm. Everyone has an inner artist.

found this painting on SM North

found this painting on SM North

Art gives us another way of looking at things
An example of this would be a bed scene or an adult scene. These are scenes that some people are not comfortable to watch and talk about. You try to close your eyes watching a nude scene because you think you’re not supposed to see it. I just watched Cock of Redturnip Theater and the adult scenes were very intimate. What’s interesting is that the actors are fully clothed and barely too close to each other.


Art mirrors feelings, aspirations, and reality
As the common definition of art in textbooks, “Art is an imitation of life.” A piece of art is one interpretation of real objects, people, life events. He might be a designer, playwright, poet, makeup artist or a graphic artist. Sometimes, I watch a film, I discover not only new ideas, but new feelings, new dreams or maybe they are just suppressed thoughts that are overshadowed by daily routine. When you listen to music, or read a short story, you think there is a medium that identifies your emotions or represents your thoughts.

Art when done with good taste, it adds depth to humanity
I don’t want to sound too serious nor do I want to sound like an activist but sometimes art gives inspiration. A novel can call for a revolution. Paintings teach history and religion. Spoken word poetry (I’m such a big fan) makes beautiful life stories.

Art is a product of hard work, great minds, and talent
This explains why a piece of art is pricey. Every product of art has to go through a creative process and every artist deserves a talent fee. By supporting what they do, you are continuing the  legacy of a special breed of human race who are passionate in what they do.


Ideal Morning

My mornings are not the usual morning.  I wake up at three in the morning and  start working  at five in the morning. Sometimes I wonder what would be my ideal morning if I work 9 to 5  day shift.  Once in a while, I experience the regular schedule of  most corporate slaves. In spite of the difficulties getting to work  during the rush hour, I treat every morning as a promise of a new beginning.

As boring as this may sound, this is my ideal morning.


Wake up early

We have no choice, right? I have to wake up early. With my work schedule, I  am lucky to avoid the ugliness of the metropolis. It makes my mind at peace watching the busy city sleeping.  When I have to work at 10 or 9 in the morning, I choose to wake up four hours before my work.  I don’t want to attract negative energy by chasing time and competing with a crowd.


The rat race begins in MRT. I feel accomplished after surviving a rush hour in MRT

The rat race begins in MRT. I feel accomplished after surviving a rush hour in MRT

Walk and walk

If I have enough time, I walk.  Walking warms me up for the day. Don’t forget:  It induces endorphins.


Take photos of your surroundings

I know it sounds strange taking photos in places you’ve walked everyday. But  there are little wonders even in places that you are most familiar with. Sometimes, appreciation over small and ordinary things is acquired. What an irony!

this is just so ordinary for someone who works everyday in Makati but I'm thinking I don't see this everyday in my hometown

This is just so ordinary for someone who works everyday in Makati but I’m thinking I don’t see this everyday in my hometown


I've been walking around Greenbelt a couple of times but this is the only time I notice the reindeers

I’ve been walking around Greenbelt a couple of times but this is the only time I notice the reindeers


Take time to look outside your office window

I like to see sceneries whether they are composed of skyscrapers and street lights or mountains  and borderless sea. It reminds me that the world is too big and unexplored while I am too small to exaggerate  the importance of rubbish things in my life (chos!)

I take a few seconds or minute to see this view

MAKATI – I take a few seconds or minute to see this view

Have a nice breakfast

I really don’t have a concept of breakfast. Sometimes I eat too early or too late. I always describe McDonald’s breakfast as a corporate breakfast. Sometimes, there are some food that give you good vibes without big reasons. Food is happiness period.

corporate breakfast

Drink coffee and talk to yourself 

Before I start my work, I have a cup of coffee and close my eyes for a few seconds and slowly say something like this: “It’s a beautiful day. Thank you Lord!”

love cup

Play music

I love music. It sets my mood for the day and it sometimes help me  to concentrate. I listen Zedd’s music most of the time. His upbeat music keeps me awake and energized. And I make sure it’s always full volume (not recommendable!)  I want to be isolated with music. There is so much power of building a world of your own.

Matthew Koma is such a good song writer. Zedd is very very talented.  And Miriam Bryant is my new girl crush

Listen to their song “Find you.” Matthew Koma is such a good song writer. Zedd is very very talented. And Miriam Bryant is my new girl crush

Recite my mantra in my head

My mantra for this month is Lea Michele’s new song:

♫ And now I will start living today, today, today. I close the door. I got this new beginning and I will fly. I’ll fly like a cannonball, like a cannonball, like a cannonball♫

cannonball image

Photo taken in Corregidor


Five Years Old

An artist asked me, “Are you guys really into theater?”

I replied, “Slight.”

“But you enjoy theater?”

“I just enjoy being a kid!”

“That’s great!”

remember the kids quote
Yes, what were we thinking???

Sometimes, it’s just so good to be a five-year old kid. There’s something about kids and their world that  reminds us life can be easier. I do like taking photos of kids more than taking photos of adults. For one reason, they are cute and fun.


I have so much drama in my life lately that I want to divert my mind to happy thoughts which we can get from the kid’s world.

Let’s be kids again.

1. Be colorful.

I don’t know why people  have to wear neutral colors in the corporate world.Why is it such a norm? I always prefer to wear bright and lively colors.  As fashionistas would say, what you wear speaks who you are. Surround yourself with bright colors. They bring positive energy.


2. Discover

Kids are always curious. I don’t  know why we adults are less curious now. Do we think our world is too familiar and uninteresting? Maybe we should be less assuming that we know everything and that we’ve seen all that there is in this world. There is always something new to learn.

3.  Watch Disney films

Sometimes, light and wholesome movies make you feel better.

kids are

4. Have a sweet tooth

Sweets are instant happiness

5. Be amazed over small things

While I was taking puppetry lesson, I notice how small actions of puppets can bring so much life.


6. Laugh at small things

Adults have an odd sense of humor.  Not all adults I guess. And some require sophisticated sense of humor, like the ones in sitcoms.  But why can’t we just laugh for no big reason. I have an office mate who loves to laugh. Everytime I meet her, we just laugh.

7.  Sing  children song


Last on my list:

8.  Have a kid’s party -I want to hehe

9.  Try kids rides

My twenty-something friend and I tried this animal ride in the mall.

animal ride


Happy Listener

Sometimes, I lack inspiration to survive the day. And when everything is dry in my life, I listen to  ear-candy poetry. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

I am looking forward for a world that celebrates individuality

I see every failure and every tragedy as an opportunity to create beauty

I value the special people in my life.

I want to write more poems like Sarah Kay

I want more men who value and respect women

I want to tell stories of people whose lives may never be known to many


I am about to make a major decision in my life: I want to be nomadic. After so much thought, I realize how much I am missing in my life after reaching and struggling, testing and deciding, competing and asserting. It is a cliché  to say that  “Life is a journey.” But most of the time we are focused on our destination and not on the journey itself. The process is as important as the results. We are so preoccupied with the future and most of what we do are based on perceived consequences. We study to work. We work to save money. We practice to be perfect. We learn a set of skills to get a better job, and to be a better person. Can we just learn simply because we want it? We live for the future and much worse, you hear some people linger on the past. Why are we like this when the most important moment in our lives is the present? I got inspiration from a TEDx talks of Colin Wright, Extreme Lifestyle Experiments and Eoin Finn, Hammock Enlightenment. They have a different perspective on what a quality life is.

How does being nomadic relate with all my nonsensical and impractical ideas?

I want to be nomadic because….

I want to meet “real” people.

Our society is highly industrialized that we have become machines too. We are extensions of computers, power plants, cellphones and cars when it should be the other way around. We are programmed with a set of tasks and goals. Sometimes when you ride a train or walk towards work, you see people like paintings not as human being, capable of sending and receiving stimuli. On the other hand, when you travel and meet people who are on vacation, you see them as themselves.  Real people are not machines, not slaves, and not just members of the population.  They love family and friends. They are passionate in what they do. They get scared.  They get tired. They share the same feelings with you.  You may feel bad over the news on TV but not everybody can understand your sentiments.  On the other hand, traveling makes as one. We can all share the fear of heights, the excitement of a new place.

sagada family

new friends – the family we met during our trip to Sagada
sagada tourguide

Our Tour Guide during trekking … She taught us a new word “Ibayaw,” an expression to show concern
sagada mangcesar

Mang Cesar, the owner of Happy House. He cooks and serves his guestssagada clement

Our tour guide in Echo Valley… he looks nice, divah? pwede? hehe

I want to experience.

Everything counts as an experience but the thing about having conquest behavior (the busy mode mentality in a fast-paced environment), we don’t do things for experience sake. On a regular day, before trying something new, we always ask, “How will this benefit me?” Will I be rich? Will I be pretty? How we think is influenced by trade and commerce. And again, it all boils down to practical value. When you’re a tourist in a town, it changes how you see things. Your mind is set that this might be the first time in forever or the last time. I just wonder how Makati or big cities would look like if everybody acted like a tourist. Probably, there will be a few hot-tempered people, and probably an increase of friendly people.

sagada climbing

I want to be a minimalist

I travel light. As much as possible, I only bring one backpack. When you travel, you try to keep only those that are essential. You don’t bring all your clothes, gadgets. And sometimes it helps when you have no internet access. There you can appreciate life, bare and uncluttered.


I want to be connected with the universe.

The world will be a happier place if everybody take their time to appreciate what they see, what you taste, and what they hear. These are moments that make us alive: when you take notice of the birds, when you hear the shore chasing your toes, when your skin gets hurt with the warmth of the sun, when you let the wind lift you up, when you don’t think too much, when you are in awe over small things.

 sagada echo valley

sagada terraces

sagada mountain

After reading this, question:

do you think im odd

The world is too big and life is too short :)

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